Lots of tears from Janet this morning. Her nurses were just finishing getting her washed and dressed and I think Janet was upset that people had to do that for her. Took fifteen or twenty minutes to calm her down. After that it was all good!

A good stretch on her right arm and decent on her legs but we were running out of time to get to Physio partly because Connie stopped by to let me hear Janet’s voice. Connie had her saying some words and counting while holding her fingers to her throat to feel the vibration. She then had her doing vocal exercises with the letter E. Janet was loud and clear the whole time. Well not really clear, she’s kind of raspy, but you can hear her voice. So cool!

We did have time to let Janet get up from bed herself. For a first thing in the morning try it was pretty good. I took her down to see Moira and asked her to say good morning Moira out loud. She did. Moira was excited. For a workout today, Moira put Janet on a machine that is like a recumbent bike/elliptical machine. Janet’s feet were on pedals in front of her and her left hand held a handle that she could push and pull to make the foot pedals go around like a bicycle. Janet of course felt right at home on this thing and actually started going before she was really allowed to. Most of the energy was coming from her arm but Moira hopes that the leg movement will stimulate some spontaneous movement there soon. I showed Moira some video of Janet getting up from bed this morning and she was very impressed.

Janet was right at home in the gym so I left her with Moira and look forward to hearing all about it from Janet this afternoon.

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  1. I continue to read your blog daily,Larry, and am so encouraged of what I am reading. You are amazing and God is Good!

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