A tearless greeting for me from Janet this morning thankfully. She seemed pretty content but not fully awake and her nurse said she was weepy earlier in the morning which she thought was from her sore shoulder so she gave Janet some Tylenol. I couldn’t get much of a conversation going but she knew her name is Janet. Mine ranged from “I don’t know”, to “Ken”, to “Paul” and when I said Larry I got the raised brow roll of the eyes “sure it is” look. She’s lucky she’s cute.

Stretching went well this morning, slow but well. I got her right arm flat out on the bed beside her with her hand open and no tears. Her legs were very tight to begin with but straightened out nicely after a while. I had a little extra time to work on stretching Janet this morning as Moira came in about 9:15 to say rounds were running late so don’t rush down to the gym. She hadn’t heard about yesterday’s reverse Houdieno move and was quite impressed. Jessica stopped by as we were discussing Houdieno and had read the nurses report and was all excited too. They are of course concerned about the risks of Janet injuring herself but are impressed she did it. I also told of how she got herself sitting from a flat bed with minimal help and Moira complained to Janet saying she is going to have to assist more in her transfers during Physio now.

With a little extra time I spent it getting a really good stretch on Janet’s legs then letting her try and get up from a flat bed again. She did not have a whole lot of energy yet and it took every bit she had but she got ninety percent of the way there before I helped with the right leg and gave her upper body a little boost. She cried a little before I started helping as she was trying so hard but not getting there. She was fine as soon as she was up and I reassured her that was a massive effort and she did really well. She got brighter and brighter sitting up and straightening her back and in the wheelchair she brushed her teeth while I put her shoes on. I then gave her the hair brush and told her to brush her hair. She looked at it quizzically and started to brush her teeth with it. I laughed out loud and and she shot me a look then kind of laughed herself. I explained again that it was a hair brush but it took a couple of demonstrations before she caught on. Funny but a little bothersome as well. I’ll see if Jessica can practice that more with her.

Moira still wasn’t in the gym when we arrived so Janet did some free weights while waiting. She seems rather unimpressed with the four pounder now so I think I’ll start with five next time. She did the five and six quite easily. She sure is getting stronger. When Moira arrived she asked Janet if she wanted to stand up or work on the mat. Janet of course said “stand up”. I left them to it with Janet seeming happy and ready to go.

Looking forward to a good day of learning.

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