Home Again

As I arrived back at Janet’s room this afternoon, Jacquie once again came right in with a sense of urgency. I was expecting another Houdieno story and I was right but this one is minor. Janet had been dropped off by the Porter after OT and before Jacquie could get to her to put her in bed Janet had undone her seat belt. Jacquie was worried she would get out again but this time no where near the bed. She asked if I was OK if they put a different seat belt on the chair, one that Janet can’t undo. I said fine. They needed my permission as it is a form of restraint. Not a nice thing when you look at it like that but I think safety trumps any feeling of independence reduction here.

Since I had the car because of the rain today I decided to offer Janet a chance to come home for a bit this afternoon. She accepted the offer and we got home just in time for our scheduled Skype with Cam. He was a little surprised to see his mom was home and she was quite excited to see him on the iPad. She smiled even bigger than she already was and sat way forward in the chair all excited that she could see and “talk” with Cam. Janet managed a few words that Cam could hear on his end and considering she was not very talkative today that was a nice surprise. I know how challenging it is for you all to talk to your mom/Janet when she doesn’t talk back much but these Skype calls are proving to be valuable to her. She lights right up.

Nash of course was going bonkers having his mom home and somebody to play with in the middle of the afternoon so after the call with Cam, Janet played more ball with Nash and fed him his Scooby Snack afterward. Surprisingly she didn’t just drop it for him, she made me put it in his bowl, told him to sit then told him good boy. He was very patient and responded to my hand signals as back up to Janet’s whispered commands. She was thrilled that he obeyed. I moved her onto the couch to see if that would be more comfortable for her. It certainly was for Nash and Janet really enjoyed visiting with him there.

I toured Janet around the house a little trying to get her to name rooms and objects. It was a little much for her but she understood each thing after I told her. She did get right a couple of pictures of us, one from Heather’s grad in Ottawa and another of us at a Vancouver Grizzlie’s game a hundred years ago. I made the mistake, or maybe not, of showing her a framed quote she bought for us a long time ago entitled Love, by Mary Anne Radmacher. I read a couple lines then had to stop, she read a couple lines (yes she did) and then burst into tears. I know this quote really spoke to her when we first saw it in Portland years ago and clearly it still does. Sweet moment but I hate making her cry.

Before long it was time to head back to KGH and Janet didn’t argue or get upset at all. We sat in the dining area for a bit then she told me she wanted to go to her room. She actually said it in almost full voice! So exciting. I tried for a repeat once we were in the quiet of her room but only got half of what she did in the dining area. Still some vocal cord action though. We chatted and read a little during the first part of dinner and by the time she was half way done she was sound asleep. I stayed for the rest of dinner hoping she would wake so I could at least dress her for bed and say goodnight but no luck. I’m trusting that she was tired out from another epic day.

Praying for rest, healing, communication and flexibility.

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  1. Hi Larry; It’s really peaceful to see Janet at home and with Nash. These must be incredible precious moments for you. I love the framed quote. It is these memories, that garner strength for both of you. I’m really happy that you can spend a rare moment together and at home….. Thinking of you both always. s.

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