Reverse Houdieno

We have not seem much of Houdieno since moving to rehab but she was in full force today. A few seconds after I returned to Janet’s room, Jacquie appeared to say Janet had been on a mission about fifteen minutes ago. After her OT session Janet was plugged in for lunch while in her wheelchair parked beside her bed. In a reverse Houdieno move Janet managed to undo her seat belt, lift the arm rest out of the way and get herself out of the wheelchair and onto her bed! Jacquie was quite upset that they had “allowed” Janet to do that but I reminded her she loves to try and escape. Janet didn’t comment on her adventure when I asked her but she did grin a little. Jacquie said there was a red mark on Janet’s left butt cheek probably from sitting on the frame of the wheelchair but when we checked later there was no sign of any injury and no more red mark.

Janet clearly had not slept at all while I was away so she was pretty sleepy for the first hour I was back. I went for a walk to see who I could see and met Connie coming to tell me about her Speech session with Janet this morning. She too thinks Janet’s voice is right there waiting to come out and today it did! Connie was getting Janet to say segments of the alphabet and also counting in small segments with a kind of musical pace to it and she could hear Janet’s voice just under the whisper. She then asked Janet to say the same things but hold her left hand on her throat and try to feel the vibration of her talking. It worked! Janet spoke loud and clear! I didn’t get to hear it of course and Connie could not get a sustained performance out of Janet but she was very excited she got that far. Based on this info I’m going to hit pause on Music Therapy Guy and see what Connie can do the rest of the week. Exciting.

Next up was Jessica who also had some shocking news. She says she saw movement in Janet’s right arm today! She asked Janet to reach out and grab something and she tried with her right arm. I told her I thought I saw movement from her right thumb as I was stretching her this morning but couldn’t be sure. Maybe I did. Both Connie and Jessica seem very excited about Janet’s progress and like working with her. There was no sign of Dr. McCann today so hopefully tomorrow I can get a Botox update.

When Janet woke up she was ready to get up and wanted nothing to do with stretching. She wanted up so bad she actually got ninety percent up herself from a flat bed. I only had to help move her right leg the last couple of feet to the edge and over and she was up. She had to work really hard to get there and let out a big sigh when she was up. High five! Almost immediately she was trying to stand and I actually had to tell her to settle down as she was really going for it. I assisted her in trying to stand a few times then I actually lifted her to a standing position for a minute or so and she seemed pleased with that and let me move her to the wheelchair.

We attempted a walk outside complete with mittens but the wind was too strong and cold for Janet so we headed in and Janet drove the long hallway and found it much easier going over The Bump in the smaller wheelchair. We sat in the dining area for a little bit when we returned to rehab then Janet started trying to tell me something quite important but I couldn’t hear her so we headed to her room. She proceeded to tell me her bum was sore. Back into bed she went and all was fine. We practiced reading and naming pictures during dinner and she even tried reading Tim’s column herself but the font is too small, she got a bit of the title though. Again she started trying to tell me something important and after a while I figured out she was saying “scared someone will see us”. I reassured her it’s ok for me to be here as I’m your husband and we’re not doing anything that other people can’t see anyways. She smiled. A little while later she was kind of restless and trying to say something which I never did understand but she motioned by her left hand lifting her blanket that she wanted me to lay beside her. I did and she smiled big and shut her eyes. That was pretty much the night as I stayed beside her till dinner was done, flushed her tube feed, changed her and said goodnight just before seven. Epic day!

Praising God for the amazing work he is doing and continuing to pray for rest, healing, learning, talking and happiness.


  1. What else can be said but ” You go girl! ”
    What a great day you had. Praying for a great tomorrow.

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