Quick Start

Seems like I hardly saw Janet this morning. She was awake when I arrived and greeted me nicely but started crying when I asked her how she was. She calmed down after a while and I got a really good stretch on her right arm and hand. I didn’t go near her shoulder and only had time for a brief go at the legs and I had to remind Janet to keep moving them around as much as possible as they both were pretty tight this morning.

She wasn’t too happy with me as we had to hurry off to Physio so I could get back home to meet with two guys re accessibility to the house. Janet smiled when she saw Moira and seemed ready for her busy morning of therapies once she was at the gym. Dr. McCann somehow communicated to Moira that he is going to Botox Janet’s right shoulder either today or tomorrow. Hopefully I can get details this afternoon.

Steve from Advanced Mobility and his contractor were at the house when I got back and we had a good discussion about three different options for making the place accessible for Janet in the future. They both will rough out some details for me so I can better assess which option is best and be ready to implement it at the appropriate time.

Looking forward to an active afternoon.


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