Slow Sunday

I was greeted with a nice smile and a “hi” followed by a “I love you too” by Janet this morning. She wasn’t too talkative after that though. I got some Klingon whispers and a few actual sentences later on but a pretty quiet day so far.

When it was time to stretch, Janet was not too excited about it and soon after I got her right arm straightened out she broke into tears. It was a prolonged crying session this time and not related to pain at all although her shoulder was sore earlier she told me. Yesterday Laurel had a talk with Janet explaining everything that had happened to her and it seemed as though she was hearing about it for the first time. Today was similar as she felt things were not going well but after I explained all that she’s been through and how much better she has gotten she calmed down. She seemed really reluctant to let me stretch her legs but I managed to them fairly straight and told her I was not happy with the results and we will try and do better this afternoon. I also felt I had to explain how we have to keep working at this or it won’t get any better.

After the stretch she couldn’t wait to get sitting up and I let her try all on her own. She managed pretty well and gave a very determined effort. I helped with her right leg and as soon as the left foot was over the bed she did the rest herself. High five! I had her practice moving to stand up and she got her left but cheek off the bed three times. Janet was very happy to stand up and I was glad we could do that a few times as it stretched out her legs nicely. Once in the wheelchair we did a cruise around the hospital with Janet driving a lot and when we returned to rehab she elected to watch football for twenty minutes rather than go back to her room.

Janet tired out right around noon so back to bed she went and I started her lunch then headed home myself with it feeling like snow is not too far away today. Praying for a brighter and more active afternoon.


  1. I had wondered if the more Janet puts together all that has happened to her the more tiring each day is. I think emotional/mental/social challenges are exhausting and she is facing a lot of them. She is doing wonderfully and so are Larry and the rest of the TEAM. Laurel, I know your Mom really appreciated your visit. It is awesome that you could pop in and out.

    We had snow in North Vancouver yesterday. Today it only remains on the mountain tops.

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