Not as Slow Sunday

It didn’t seem like Janet slept while I was away and she said she didn’t so we’ll go with that. We had a nice chat when we should have been stretching and she made me laugh a few times as I tried to convince her that going for a naked hot tub would help her shoulder. I told her she used to beg me to do that with her all the time but she just frowned and shook her head. It was good for a laugh at least and a laugh was welcome as she for the first time complained to me about her shoulder when she was just lying in bed talking to me. I went and asked her nurse about the X-ray results but she couldn’t tell me as only the Dr. is supposed to but she offered Janet some Tylenol. By the time that offer came Janet was no longer complaining about her shoulder and in fact was rolling around on it so we stayed drug free for now. Hopefully I can get some info on the X-ray tomorrow afternoon.

Janet allowed some minor stretching on her right arm and it did go nice and straight for me and as I held it down on the bed and talked to her it went really relaxed for the first time in a long time. Nice. I had her sit up after that and she did really well getting up on the right side of the bed herself. I modified the attempt to stand yourself exercise to where I am standing in front her holding her hands and she tries to get up from there. She cleared both butt cheeks very briefly a couple times. Hard work.

Once in the wheelchair I asked her if she wanted to Skype Andrew and she said “sure”. We had a good conversation with him, getting Janet’s biggest smiles of the day by far. She even whispered a couple things to him loud enough for Andrew to hear. Nice. Janet was getting a little antsy by the end of the call so we went for a spin around the rehab unit while waiting for Kiko and Joel to visit. Janet must have really wanted to go cause she had a smile on her face as she saw people out there and went faster than ever. She was doing so well I decided to see if she would use her feet at all. We tried left foot only first and even though I’m not totally sure what she’s supposed to do I think she is as she stated moving it right away. The trick to me seems to be to place it on the floor when she starts drifting to the right and the chair comes back to the left. It sort of works. We tried both feet for a little bit but Janet is not ready for Flintstone mode yet.

Kiko and Joel arrived just as we were heading back and Joel and I left the two ladies alone for a bit. Kiko said they sang some simple songs and did some alphabet practice with Janet making a good effort. She didn’t get the vocal cords going really but Kiko agrees that Janet’s voice is right there just waiting to come out. We’ll see if Music Therapy Man can help bring it out.

Janet started fading a little after five and asked to lay down in bed, so by 5:30, dinner was on, Kiko and Joel said goodbye and Janet was content to chat a little before the eyes started closing. I said I was hanging out till dinner was finished and I climbed onto the bed with her and read her a couple of emails and we watch a clip of Andrew’s segment from the Global Toronto breakfast show. Janet watched that intently and smiled a couple times. I laughed once when Andrew reminded me of Stefon from SNL. You’ll have to ask Andrew if your allowed to watch it.

Praying that Janet has a restful and healing night and a productive day tomorrow.

One comment

  1. Yes def looking forward to music therapy guy! I hope he can help Janet take the next step in talking. Go Team Go! Go Lady Janet, you are doing AWESOME!!!

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