Laurel’s afternoon

I dropped Laurel and Janet off at KGH after the visit home and started Janet’s lunch feed for her. She elected to have it in her room and sitting in her wheelchair. I went home to spend some much needed time cleaning the place up.

A Skype call to Heather was first on the list for Laurel and Janet and they had a nice chat with her and Allan. Heather threatened to come out and visit Janet soon and Janet said “that’s a good idea”, and it is. After some stretching and chatting it was time to Skype Leslie and Mary Gaga. Unfortunately Janet was kinda sleepy by this time so there wasn’t a lot of interaction on her part. After Janet’s short dozing session it was back to brain exercises with Laurel who lay beside Janet on her bed and at one point pretty much fell off. That had them both laughing and tonight when I asked Janet what she had done today the first thing she said was “Laurel fell”. She patted Laurel on the shoulder as she said it implying she wasn’t trying to make fun of her but she did think it was funny.

The rest of their visit was spent reading and chatting and when I arrived after church Janet was still quite awake and able to answer most of the name the family questions and even managed an out loud growl when I asked her to growl like a bear. Sounds silly maybe and she thought some of what I asked her was silly but I’m just trying to find ways for her to use her vocal cords. That one worked.

Wishing Laurel a safe flight home and thanking her for spending so much quality time with her mom. Janet has not smiled this much in a long time.

Praying for full and complete healing and thankful to God for the amazing progress Janet is making.

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