Home Sweet Home

Laurel went in first this morning and Janet was awake when she arrived and was dressed but in some goofy hospital pants instead of the ones Laurel had left out for her. After a little morning chat Laurel asked Janet if she could do a little stretching with her and she said no. Laurel asked why and Janet said “because Larry always makes me”. Not sure how to interpret that one.

I arrived around 9:30 and got Janet ready for a big adventure. Laurel and I had been planning on taking her home for a visit today if she was feeling up to it. I had cleared it with the nursing team a couple days ago so it was just a matter of if Janet was bright enough and wanting to. She most definitely was. We got her loaded into the car and headed out. Janet seemed content to watch the scenery pass by as we drove along and I think a few things were recognizable along the way. I felt like she knew where we were as we approached the house and she immediately undid her seat belt as we backed into the driveway. Janet had a smile on her face the entire hour and a half we were home. I carried her up the stairs and plunked her in a family room chair. Nash was going crazy and Janet was totally focused on him for the first half hour or so, throwing his ball and watching him run up and down the hall. Seems to me that the connection with Nash is coming back stronger for Janet, Nash is happy as long as she is doing something for him. We took Janet for a tour of the house in her wheelchair and I was pleased to find that there is just enough room to maneuver it throughout the living space. I wasn’t sure how Janet would react to seeing our bedroom but when I asked her if she knew what this place was she said “this is a happy place”. That choked me up a little. We went outside onto our balcony so she could see the back yard, she said “it looks pretty good”.

Back inside we invited Barb and Gary to come and say hi to Janet. They are the best neighbors anyone could have and Janet’s smile got even bigger when she saw them.

Janet seemed to want to just hang out in the house but I thought we should take advantage of the opportunity to go for a walk so I carried her down the stairs and Laurel quickly followed with the wheelchair and with Janet driving Nash, off we went for a loop around the neighborhood. Janet was very focused on Nash again and did a pretty good job of keeping him in line. Laurel and I teased her a little by giving her a poo bag for Nash and she actually started getting it ready to pick some up. I don’t think Janet really wanted to go back to KGH yet but she understood she had to for lunch and we promised she could come home for visits more often now. I think on rainy afternoons when she has no therapy sessions or anything I’ll bring her home for a few hours.

I left Janet with Laurel for the afternoon and they plan on Skyping Heather and also Leslie and Gavin who are at Mary/Gaga’s and Keith’s so they will get to see Janet instead of just talking at her.

Thankful for the incredible progress that has been made so far and still excited to have had Janet at home.


  1. No doubt the hospital pants were unacceptable to Janet. She is a styling woman and the term ‘hospital pants’ is quite the opposite.

    It is great to hear so many reports of continued recovery and good times.

  2. Janet you have come such a long way. I am so very happy for you, Larry and your families. We out in Saskatchewan continue to pray for your recovery. With your determination, Larry’s persistence and the Grace of God you have come such a long ways. I had a nice but too short chat with your Mom last week Larry. It made me miss her even more. Take care both of you.
    Love from Ssharon

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