Larry, Nash, and I all headed down after lunch to see Mom. We got Mom in her wheelchair and we all headed outside for a walk together. Mom was able to hold the leash as we went along, and she even did well at pulling on the leash as needed to keep Nash in line. Mom used to walk Nash very frequently, so it was really nice to see her getting back into an old activity. She also had a mocking smile all over her face when I struggled at one point when Nash went to the bathroom on our walk one more time than the number of bags that we had…I’ll spare the details, but long story short it is clear that she has not lost her sense of humor. We sat in the sun at the end of the walk and had Nash on Mom’s lap, and she was clearly trying to hold him up close to her. At one point, she even leaned down to try to give Nash a kiss on the top of his head…one of the sweetest moments I’ve seen.

Back inside, Mom’s voice was getting increasingly quieter and more difficult to understand, and eventually she broke into a prolonged crying session. When I asked her if she was sad or frustrated, she was able to whisper “sad,” and later when I asked if she was sad or in pain, she was able to whisper “both,” though not able to tell me what hurt. Hoping that her communication about what’s bothering her will improve soon so that we can better tend to her needs and understand what’s going on for her…

Later in the evening Mom and I watched the “Hairspray” movie on the Ipad in bed. Mom watched it very intently for the entire hour that I played it. Eventually she was yawning (and I was starving!) so I thought it was time to turn it in for the night. She seemed quite content as I said goodbye, and had a smile on her face when I mentioned some of the plans for tomorrow. A really nice way to end off the day with her.

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