Laurel’s Morning

From Laurel

Mom was sleeping when Larry and I arrived just before 8am, although she woke up as we made some noise. She seemed pretty groggy but I did get a nice little smile from her. Larry kept asking her who I was, but she was making no attempt to answer. We took a walk around the ward to give her some time to wake up, and the nurses got her cleaned up. She had a little crying spell at first, but eventually calmed herself down. Larry left a little later and Mom and I had a little visit before heading off to physio. Rob was subbing in for Moira today. He got Mom standing again using the same apparatus as yesterday (although apparently the foot block was turned the wrong way yesterday), and from my perspective she did a great job. He then worked on stretching her lower right arm out a bit more, being careful not to bother her shoulder. Rob said he would encourage us to work on extending her range with her left arm (e.g., lifting it up high to grab something), to preserve/increase its function. He often reminded Mom that she is very “elegant” so he never wants to see her start slouching. I thought elegant was a great word choice, and Mom really seemed to respond to it. Physio ended a little early so Mom and I had time for a little “chat” together before speech therapy. I asked her if she liked Rob or Moira better, and Mom said “Rob.” I was teasing her for jumping ship on Moira so quickly, and Mom responded with what I think was “I just like Rob more.” Her speech is a lot softer than I was expecting and the minimal movement of her mouth as she speaks really makes it hard to decipher her at times, but it is so nice to hear her communicating.
We went to speech therapy and Connie asked Mom who I was. She whispered “my daughter,” and when Connie asked for my name she said “Laurel.” Yay! Connie had Mom count to ten, say/whisper the days of the week and the months of the year, all without any modeling. She also went through a worksheet with some illustrations, where Connie would begin a sentence that matched the illustration and Mom had to finish the sentence off. Mom could always finish the sentence but it didn’t always match the illustration, despite making sense. She had some tears at one point, but again was able to calm down with some time.
In OT, Mom received a new wheelchair that is much lower to the ground so that she can use her leg to motor herself a round. Afterwards, she was put back in bed for lunch and her and I looked through a magazine together. I left her very yawn-y and likely in need of some rest. Looking forward for her reunion with Nash this afternoon!

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