Resting Up

When I got back this afternoon I tried once again to get Janet’s attention through the window. No go. She was awake and just finishing lunch and seemed a little out of it. I chatted with her a bit to try and get her going and she did brighten up whispering some really legible words and using some Klingon as well. She didn’t do nearly as well with family names and such mostly I think because she was just worn out.

I stretched her a little and did well with the right arm as far as straightening it but she motioned with her left arm and shook her head no way when I suggested raising it up. Legs and hips were good, then I let her try and get up herself. She did well with her upper body but couldn’t get the legs to move over so I assisted and once she was up she was a little brighter. She just landed in the wheelchair when Janet F. arrived for a visit and Janet gave her a little smile of recognition and seemed pleased to have a visitor.

The timing was great as I headed off to chat with Dr. McCann and Cathryn. I told them my first priority right now is Janet’s right shoulder and the pain she is experiencing. Dr. McCann has a couple of theories and ordered an X-ray which hopefully will show what’s really going on and then he can make a treatment decision. I said I was please with Janet’s lower body improvements but have not seen the same range of movement in the right leg that I did the first time she moved it. I asked if there was some way of improving that or is it all up to Janet. Dr. McCann says the best thing is the standing and “walking” routines she is doing in physio. Janet really does enjoy those so that’s good. Next on my list was Janet’s cognitive improvements and I listed some of the things she has said lately and how the Klingon is diminishing. Both Cathryn and Dr. McCann were pleased to hear that and it was evident that that was news to them. Glad we were chatting. I also asked for clarification on Janet’s tenure at KGH rehab. Dr. McCann gave his best educated guess that Janet will continue to recover for another four to seven months. There is no way to tell at what pace she will continue to recover or to what end she will recover. Her stay at KGH rehab depends on her rate of recovery. Once that shows a trend of slowing then the team will look at appropriate alternatives. The next serious assessment on that will be in three or four weeks. One of those alternatives could be Connect. Cathryn was downplaying Ponoka as she was seeing that more as an instead of KGH rehab option as opposed to a next step option. She explained that Connect is more of a transitional facility that works on preparing the patient for home or long term care or where ever they are going to be long term. Whereas Ponoka is an intensive rehab facility like KGH and is geared toward maximizing recovery. She feels that as long as there is potential to maximize Janet’s recovery she will remain at KGH. Connect would come into play when recovery is pretty much maxed out. She also thought Connect would be easier for me and the family and I explained this is not about me or the family and we need to be doing whatever is best for Janet and if at some point that is Ponoka then let’s take a serious look at that. It was a good discussion and I appreciate Dr. McCann taking time to sit down with me.

As I was giving Janet and Janet a little more visiting time I noticed a Porter go into Janet’s room. I followed and was told she was going for an X-ray. Wow! Forty five minutes after writing the order she was on her way. Cool. Hopefully tomorrow Dr. McCann will look at the results and decide on a treatment plan. I took advantage of the time to install some lights on my bike as I just couldn’t bare driving to and fro anymore. So boring and the parking game is ridiculous. Even if I bought a monthly pass I would not be guaranteed a spot in the afternoon. That’s dumb, so back on two wheels I go. Feels good.

Janet was not her usual chatty self the rest of the day and said she wanted to “stay here” when given the option of going for an inside walk or staying in bed. I read some of Anne 2 to her and she had her eyes closed most of the time. She was still listening though and would check with me every once in a while. I got her dinner started and since she was already dressed for bed I told her I was heading home. She patted me on the shoulder and smiled, gave me a kiss and closed her eyes at 5:30 which meant I didn’t need my new lights for my ride home. Figures. I’m pretty sure she is resting up so she can have a good day with Laurel tomorrow.

Praying for a restful and healing night, answers and solutions to the pain in her right shoulder and continued improvement in her ability to talk. Also praying for a safe flight for Laurel in the morning.

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