Hit It

Janet was flying through the air on her way back to bed after showering this morning. She seemed to not really care what was going on which is good and means she is used to the sling transfer. I didn’t get any Klingon from her this morning but she did tell me she was tired. They get her up pretty early on shower day so that may be part of it.

The stretching routine went well with her right arm straightening out nicely. She would not let me lift it up at the shoulder at all though. Both legs and her hips seem fine to me today. After she got her meds I got her up and into the wheelchair and off to physio where she gave her first smile of the day. It came after doing ten bicep curls with a seven pound weight. High five! She brightened up even more when Moira came over and asked her if she wanted to stand up. I stayed and watched for a bit this time and am really impressed by how much Janet enjoys working with Moira and by how much she wants to stand up. This video shows one attempt to stand so you all can get an idea of what’s going on. That’s Moira in front of Janet pulling her up.

I took off after that and am looking forward to a good conversation with Cathryn and Dr. McCann this afternoon.


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