Janet was in her wheelchair having lunch in her room when I returned and had obviously been wheeling about a little bit as she was right at the end of her tube feed line. She had released the left side brake and managed to manoeuver the chair around quite a bit. I asked her how she was and she shook her head, I asked if she wanted to lay down and she nodded and said “yes, I want to lay down now”. I plunked her into bed and asked her if she wanted some music on, she said “you put on whatever you like”. Awesome answer. I asked her to name a bunch of people and she did fairly well but was having trouble with some so I got out the iBlackboard and wrote the names on it and asked her to say them for me. I was quite surprised that she actually did. I went through the entire family and the only ones she had trouble with are those that start or end with sounds she can’t make yet without prompting like K and G. I was really impressed she could read the names though. High five. Janet started to shut her eyes soon after that as she had not had her chance for her regular rest time earlier.

With Janet napping I went lurking to see who I could run into. Moira gave me a report on the morning physio session and she was really pleased with Janet’s performance. She had Janet standing at the end of a set of parallel bars with a belt around her pelvis attached to the bars out in front of her. Getting Janet into position was kind of like a water skiing start and then Janet would hold onto the left bar when she was up. She was also standing on a wedge that put more of her weight on the front of her feet than the heels. Janet stood up very straight, was very bright and relaxed and seemed to enjoy it. One of the other therapists was being a bit grumpy so Moira instructed Janet to give him a smile. She looked at Moira like “really” then flashed the guy the cheesiest fake smile Moira had ever seen and they both laughed out loud. Moira thinks the other therapist laughed too but it doesn’t matter. Moira will continue to focus on standing and walking with Janet and let Dr. McCann and Jessica work on her right arm and shoulder. I wasn’t able to see anyone else this time but will try and get updates in the morning.

Before Janet woke from her nap, I managed to get a message to Leah, Janet’s student nurse from 4B that had the dream about Janet talking. She was very excited to hear the news and thinks Janet is “incredible”. I told Janet and she smiled. Not sure if she remembers Leah by name but I’m sure she would if she saw her again. After a little stretch we went out for a walk. Kinda cool at the beach so we kept moving and didn’t stay out too long. Janet drove the long hallway and continues to battle The Bump. Good effort again today but not enough momentum to make it. We had a meeting with a Notary to see if we could get a Representation Agreement done as opposed to a Committeeship. No go on the first attempt but she will come back next week and thinks we can get there then. She did recommend pursuing the Committeeship as well as it allows for a broader range of authority which I could need way down the road.

After the meeting I asked Janet what she wanted to do, lay down in bed or read The Hallow-wiener. She said “I want to read The Hallow-wiener”. This is an awesome book that I had left out for Janet while I went to move the car and since it is close to Halloween I thought it appropriate. Janet enjoyed it and so did I. A little later Janet voted to “watch something” so we watched Wayne’s message on Next Gen and Janet listened intently until the interview with Sid Koop was done then she started closing her eyes. I got her ready for bed and made sure the night crew knew about the NO STOOL SOFTENER and said goodnight to a content and beautiful Janet.

Praying for a restful night and total healing of Janet’s right shoulder.

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