Janet was being changed as I arrived this morning and didn’t seem too happy about it. This is the third day in a row she has needed changing after getting dressed in the morning and her nurse, Robert, said he would check her chart to see if there was some clue there as to what’s going on. I’d been here before with Nicole and others with no result so I was not hopeful. Janet seemed a little listless as we started stretching and in fact closed her eyes after a few minutes of whispering to me in Klingon.

The stretching of her right arm went well and I held it straight out on the bed for a couple minutes and was able to open and close her hand quite easily. I then bent her arm back and laid her hand on her chest and lifted her pointer finger, her eyes popped open, she almost out loud said “Ow” and started to cry. When asked to show me where it hurt she went right to her right shoulder. Doesn’t make any sense to me how straightening her finger can hurt her shoulder but there is no denying it did. After she calmed down I worked on her legs and was very pleased with how that went.

I got her sitting on the edge of the bed and Janet immediately showed signs of livening up. I straightened her back for her and while I was holding her there she started whispering in Klingon again. She brightened up even more when she got into the wheelchair and as I was brushing her hair, Connie stopped by. She was all excited to tell me that Janet had written her name yesterday. Connie held her hand twice to do it and then let Janet try on her own. Using one large piece of paper for each letter she wrote her name. Nice of Connie to stop in and tell me that and Janet seemed happy to hear how well she had done. Connie asked her if she would write my name today and I took that opportunity to ask Janet my name. She hesitated then Connie asked her what my name is and Janet said in a loud whisper, “that’s Larry”. Finally!

Janet drove down to Physio and greeted Moira with a smile. Her smile got bigger as Moira complimented Janet on her new hair do. Women. I told Moira about the shoulder pain this morning and she will follow up with Dr. McCann re treatment. Today’s physio session was to involve Janet standing on a wedge. Janet seemed quite excited and ready for her workout.

As I was leaving I asked Robert if had found anything in Janet’s chart to suggest a cause for the tummy problems. Apparently she has been given a stool softener for the past few days as part of the protocol for coming off of a pain med. Another case of lack of communication as those working directly with Janet know the last thing she needs is a stool softener. That order is now off the chart. Thanks Robert.

Looking forward to an active afternoon in the sun.

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