I would love a favor from a lot of you please. If you are reading the Team Save Janet updates directly from email, Facebook or Twitter only, please go to the blog site and “follow” the blog so I have a more accurate idea of how many readers there are. If you have created a WordPress ID and are following, thanks, but please give yourself a name. I can’t always figure out who Anonymous is and I do read the comments to Janet so it’s nice to know who wrote them. Thanks!


  1. Hi LaTour!
    Everyone in the wineshop follows Janet’s progress via the email that comes into Marsha’s email addie. PLEASE don’t stop our emails! I am so happy to hear of her continued progress! It is truly seeming like a miracle.



    Hospitality Staff
    CedarCreek Estate Winery |
    5445 Lakeshore Road, Kelowna, BC, V1W 4S5
    T. 250 764 8866 ext 102 F. 250 764 2603
    [cid:image015.png@01CDAC7B.FB1F2690][cid:image016.png@01CDAC7B.FB1F2690][cid:image017.png@01CDAC7B.FB1F2690][cid:image018.png@01CDAC7B.FB1F2690]| Join our Platinum Club to Enjoy Special Benefits!

  2. I’m reading and praying regularly Larry and I was just too lazy at the time to fill out my complete info. You’re an amazing husband and man Larry. Truly inspiring.

  3. Thanks Larry. Silent but following all the updates. Mostly silent cuz I’m amazed by your ability to love like you do and feel that anything I have to say is a clanging bell. Keep your eyes fixed. Janet is chuggin’ along!

  4. Thanks Larry for all your updates. I am so very happy with the progress being made by Janet. Continuing to pray for you all.

  5. Larry, I never miss reading about Janet on a daily basis. I go through the ups and downs with you as I am reading your blog on her progress. Larry even though I haven’t been there in person, you and Janet have been fully in mine and Scott’s prayers. I will continue to pray for you and your family and continue to read,every day, your love for your wife.

  6. Hi Larry; Yes, following by email – always and daily …. I will try and become more tech savy to join the blog account. Love Janet’s new do!

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