New Do

I got back to find Houdieno trying to climb out of the left side of her bed with lunch still pumping into her. She gave me a laughing smile like “I know I’m not supposed to do this”. She laid back down and I tried to have her tell me what she did while I was gone. Her Klingon is getting better and she actually said “I went to Physio”. The rest of it was garbled but she was sure telling me a story. Heidi visited while I was gone and I trust that went well as Janet gave a little smile when I asked her about it.

After some minor stretching and sitting on the edge of the bed, I got her into the wheelchair and we tried calling Mary Gaga but her line was busy for at least twenty minutes so we headed out for some sunshine before Chelsea arrived to cut Janet’s hair. Chelsea met us just outside as we were soaking up some rays and Janet gave her a nice smile and a “hi Chelsea”. We went back to Janet’s room and Chelsea went to work.

I left the two of them alone for most of the time but each time I was in the room I was surprised at how Janet seemed to be really enjoying the experience. She sat nice and straight and still the whole time and smiled at me each time I came in to see how it was going. Chelsea was able to even things out a lot and says there are just two small areas that need to grow in a bit more then Janet will be able to go for the new style she had in mind before all this started. I think Chelsea did a great job today and I believe Janet does too.

On one of my ventures out during Janet’s salon time I stopped Dr. Miller in the hallway and asked him further about possible depression in Janet. He said it is likely to occur to some degree as she becomes more aware but he does not want to treat it until it is affecting her recovery. If she stops wanting to do things then he will consider treatment but fears that going that route too soon would impede her progress. So far Janet is participating well in everything she is asked to do and everyone at this morning’s meeting is in agreement that Janet is progressing and that KGH Rehab is the best place for her right now. I asked him about the three to four week timeline and he said that is totally arbitrary and as long as Janet is progressing at a reasonable rate she stays.

With Janet all cute in her new do, we made another attempt to call Mary Gaga and this time we were successful. Janet whispered “hi mom” into the phone loud enough for her mom to hear this time and that is a first. Pretty cool. Janet enjoyed listening to her mom and even gave her a kiss at the end. It was actually more like spitting on the phone but we know the intent. We had time for a little drive around the unit while we waited for Jack to visit. He met us in the hallway and Janet had quite a pleasant surprise look on her face. I know she loves Jack and his booming voice so they had a nice visit with Jack reading some of Anne 2 to her.

I asked Janet if she wanted dinner out in the dining area or in her bed, she said “in my bed”, so into bed she went and after chatting for a few minutes her eyes were starting to close. She was probably tired of me asking her my name, which she still hasn’t got by the way. I was Andrew again and Paul and Science among many Klingon names. I didn’t think she was actually going into a deep sleep so I told her I’d hang out for dinner then stretch her and get her dressed for bed. I put the Presidential Debate on the iPad and she kind of watched and kind of didn’t. Same with me so I turned it off after the first question and just curled up with her until dinner was done. Then the tears started. I had a really good stretch going on her right arm and was holding it down on the bed and she started crying. She wouldn’t or couldn’t tell me why for the longest time then all of a sudden her whispers turned into pretty much her real voice for about three or four teary Klingon words. I told her how nice it was to hear her but sorry I couldn’t understand. She stopped crying but clearly wanted to get up so with no socks or shoes on I helped her get up on the side of the bed. She was immediately happy but couldn’t tell me why. Her right leg was shaking like crazy at first but after five minutes was nice and relaxed as was the rest of her. I told her it was bedtime and she needed to lay down now and she did. I got her changed for bed and she thought I was pretty funny fumbling around like I do. This is one part of nursing I’m still not good at. We said our prayer and I said goodnight telling her “I love you”. She said “I love you too”. That’s the first time she’s done that and by adding the “too” tells me she was really saying it not just mimicking like she does with a lot of other things. She may not know my name but I don’t care.

Praying for another day of progress tomorrow.


  1. She probably does know your name, she is just taking advantage of this opportunity to try to change it! We all know she loves you!

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