I was surprised to find Janet still in bed at 8:30 this morning. She greeted me with a nice smile and some Klingon but seemed a little flushed and judging by her state of cleanliness was not feeling all that great. I got her nurses to clean her up and dress her and asked that the formula be reassessed as it seems to be going right through her the last couple of days.

Once Janet was up we had a little chat. She counted to ten and named the days of the week without help and she knew today was Tuesday after I told her yesterday was Monday and tomorrow is Wednesday. She knew the color of her shirt is pink and that my water bottle is red. Apparently my name is Andrew now though. She thought that was funny but she kept calling me Andrew. Pretty good start to the day. Before we knew it it was time for Physio so off we went. Moira was late as the meeting with Dr. McCann ran late. They talk about each patient in room number order and Janet is now last on the list. Moira still had time to get Janet into the sling for some “walking” around the gym. I headed home to get some yard work done.

Before I left I was able to have a brief chat with Dr. McCann. He says Janet will stay in rehab for “a few more weeks”. Best I could get out of him was three to four more then look at a facility like Connect in Lake Country. Of course if Janet is still progressing she will stay where she is. I think her rate of progress is key here as Dr. McCann said the gains she has made recently are good but they are small and a place like Connect that is geared to slower recovery times may be better for her at some point. I presume this would mean Ponoka is possible as well and I have asked Cathryn to join Dr. McCann and I for a detailed discussion on Thursday afternoon. As far as Janet’s right shoulder is concerned Dr. McCann will look into Botox or Cortizone as a possible treatment soon.

Looking forward to an active afternoon.


  1. What a difference 2 weeks makes. The last few times I was with Janet I was working with her to identify the colors of the fish..but she couldn’t quite get it. . Today she nailed them. Then when I held up the orange fish she said “orange” I had not even taught her that color. How did she know thar? High 5!
    The coolest was when I showed her the picture of her and Larry, and I said I wasn’t sure if they were at a basketball game or football game. She said”football!” Was it football Larry?

    Then we looked through some photo albums and there is a wedding picture of a couple “smooching!” I said, “Look Janet, they are smooching…just like you and Larry”! Oh I saw the biggest smiles have ever seen, she almost laughed our loud. Sweet.
    Before I left I said “Janet I want to pray with you.” she held my hand, closed her eyes and bowed her head” .
    Thanking God for these precious, miracle moments,
    Hugs to all

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