Janet was hanging out in her new room when I got back this afternoon. I looked in on her from outside but couldn’t get her attention, she was holding her left knee up and just kind of staring ahead maybe on one of her trips to the Bahamas. When I got inside it only took me asking if she liked her new room or not to start the crying machine. I asked her, “isn’t this a better place?” She shook her head and said “it’s a worse place”. Really cool that she answered that way but I saw no reason for that feeling. I explained everything to her and am convinced she didn’t realize she was still in rehab and only a few steps away from where she was. Once she calmed down I started asking her questions to get her mind off the situation. We ran through all the family names with her getting most of them without help, she didn’t remember Nash’s name though. When I finally asked her “what’s my name?” She repeatedly said “Robert”. At first I thought she said “bummer” and we had a good laugh about that but then she insisted my name was Robert even after I told her it was Larry. She finally agreed with me but wouldn’t tell me who Robert is.

Despite the clouds coming back Janet wanted to go for a walk so up she got and before I could help her into the wheelchair she was trying to stand up. Moira had suggested she try using her quads to lift her butt off the bed as more of a challenge to the other sitting exercises we were doing and she didn’t need any coaching from me to start. She really wants to stand and I would assume walk. I got her into the chair and out we went. The beach was too quiet so we headed off to the south for a change of scenery then came back and moved the car together. We then walked past the B&B right near the beach that has nice flowers outside of it and I had Janet repeat some colors for me. Later on I had her telling me colors of the cars we passed. She repeated black and silver then when we got to a white one she said “I don’t want to play anymore”. I asked what she wanted to do and she said “just walk around”. Amazing how she comes up with these statements sometimes yet still speaks a lot of Klingon. I challenged her to drive the long hallway in the Centennial Building and she conquered it making it all the way to the Strathcona entrance including her best effort over The Bump yet.

Back at rehab I asked her if she wanted to stay in the dining area for a while and she said “go to my room”. Into bed she went and the eye lids started drooping so I used that opportunity to start her dinner feed and set up her room. By the time I was done she was awake enough to let me read some of Anne 2 to her but I had to listen to some Klingon first. Not sure what she was on about but she thought it was pretty funny. She was rubbing her hand through my hair at the time so maybe she’s seeing some grey? After reading and a little more chatting dinner was done and she was closing her eyes again but I really wanted to stretch her so I did. I went slow with both legs and got them straightened out nicely. I went super slow with her right arm and managed to get it flat onto the bed with the hand open and even got it raised to about sixty degrees. Could have gone higher maybe but Janet was so calm I didn’t want to disturb her anymore. She helped me get her dressed for bed then we prayed and I read an email from her dad and Joan where Joan reminded her of her nick name. She gave that a big raised brow and a bit of an eye roll.

Praying for a night of healing for Janet’s right shoulder and arm and strengthening of her legs and an increase in her ability to communicate.

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  1. Two things:
    1. Remember we were talking about practicing ‘opposites’? From her comment ‘It’s a worse place” I feel like Janet’s already able to do some opposite exercises! So exciting. Perhaps I’ll add that to our ‘classroom session’ next time… Since we’re gone tomorrow to Vegas until Saturday morning, can we possibly plan on next Sunday for me to visit? I’ll pencil it in on my calendar and stand by.
    2. Way different than this situation but ‘Robert’ reminded me of it. When Joel got into a bicycle accident in Japan and I got a call that he has been brought to a neuro hospital, I headed there to see him. Joel’s in a bed, all bandaged up on his head, wearing his pink fleece and takes one look at me, smiles and says “Heeeey, I know you……” I admit I had a little too much fun with his temporary amnesia for the next few days, but at that moment I was too afraid to ask him for my name. For fear that he wouldn’t remember my name or the memories of us (I think he wouldn’t have). And I don’t know how you felt when Janet called you Robert, maybe it was funny and silly, no big deal, but I know I would’ve felt hurt even though it’s not meant that way. Larry I want you to know you’re Janet’s knight in shining armour, her true love, and a true reflection of what love means. We love you quite a lot and look forward to reading every update (like, I start getting antsy if it’s 1 PM and I haven’t read the morning update – perhaps a bit OCD) and celebrate each step of progress.


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