Right On

Suzanne visited Janet this afternoon and was there when I arrived playing basketball with Janet. They had a good visit that included some reading and chatting and playing catch with a mini basketball Suzanne brought in. Janet also spent time trying to sit up and take her sock off her left foot, something she has been doing a lot of lately. She seemed pleased that a friend dropped by and I think the basketball thing was fun for her and when I was there she only tried putting the ball in her right hand once. A definite improvement over the rock throwing.

After Suzanne left I gave Janet a quick stretch then got her in the chair to go across the hall where we could practice some picture matching and eat some Fresca. The picture matching was interesting as she clearly recognizes some things and repeats the words easily but has trouble putting the same pictures together. Seems to be not only a vision thing but a conceptual thing too. Or maybe it was just an off day for that today. We moved onto eating some Fresca and I thought this was by far the best tasting goo she has been given but Janet still made a funny face and took around eight seconds to swallow each time. Getting back to talking I tried her on the Articulation Station app and she did very well repeating H words that I gave her and nailed “house” all on her own. We then tried a few tongue exercises with a two toned lollypop and she wasn’t interested at all. I tried really hard and ended up saying “I’ll have to eat all the lollypops then”. She smiled and said “eat them”. Later on when I went to actually have a fruity one I gave her one last chance to have some and she was all over it. Apparently she likes the fruity ones. Who would have thought?

I read a little of Anne 2 to her then headed off to church after starting her dinner feed. It didn’t seem like she was tiring out so when I returned I wasn’t surprised to find her wide awake and very chatty. She had all her covers off and her left leg bent up and crossing over her right one. I asked her what she was doing and she said “taking my socks off”. I told her OK take them off. She got the left one most of the way but couldn’t reach her toes so I helped then I asked her to get the right one. I thought I would get a blank stare to that but she gave it a real effort but she was still moving her left leg. I held her left leg and told her to forget it and try and move her right leg. SHE DID! It was laying with the knee out towards the right side of the bed and she bent it more than half way towards her. She did have her left hand on her right thigh as it moved so I asked her to do it again in case she had just pulled it. I held her left leg and arm this time and waited. I could see the concentration on her face and within a few seconds her right leg moved up towards her some more. I went and got two of her nurses, Jacquie and Caitlin to witness this feat but I think Janet was tuckered out or nervous about the audience as she only managed a slight move this time. It was a move none the less and both nurses were thrilled. Janet wasn’t as excited as I was as I think she’s been trying to do this for quite some time now. Every time I sit her up on the edge of the bed I ask her to move her left leg then her right closer to the edge. She of course moved the left and I thought tried to move the right and tonight she was successful! As I was congratulating her she started crying and not happy tears. She is still frustrated and I think sad about everything that’s happened to her.

Janet calmed down soon enough then I started her bedtime stretch. Her right arm was tight and I had to go real slow to get it up to ninety degrees but we managed and as I was letting it down the third time she started crying again. This time it was a sore right shoulder as she showed me when I asked her. The crying continued long after the soreness should have worn off and it took a lot of positive reinforcement to calm her down. We got there and after Jacquie changed her and I dressed her for bed she brushed her teeth and we said a prayer that she thought was quite funny. After I said all the mushy goodnight stuff I said “now I get to go home and do laundry”. She smiled and waved at me. Thanks.

Praying for a restful night and one that heals Janet’s right shoulder. Praising God for the healing he has already brought.

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