When I arrived this morning Janet had just been washed down and dressed and was letting loose with the Klingon. Whatever she was saying was good because she had a smile on her face. Still mostly a whisper but there are more frequent vocalizations. Her nurse, Diane, said Janet got quite emotional for a bit this morning and as Diane was telling me this Janet started crying again. It didn’t last long and I was able to stretch her out quite well. I went really slow with the right shoulder and eventually got to ninety degrees. Her left leg was pretty tight but we eventually got a good stretch on that as well.

Since there are no therapy sessions on the weekend we went right from the stretch into some sitting and standing exercises. Janet is so good at leaning to either side and pushing herself back up again that I wonder if it’s worth doing anymore. I think she needs a bigger challenge and will ask Moira on Monday. Leaning back and using her abs to sit back up is still a good one though and Janet managed about five of those. Whenever I sit Janet on the edge of the bed now she immediately begins trying to stand up. I feel bad for her knowing she can’t do that on her own and it takes a bit of set up before I can help her. She’s not happy about that. The first stand today was not good as her legs just would not straighten then on the second attempt we were up pretty good for about thirty seconds and Janet started crying. I asked her if she wanted to sit and she nodded. I asked if something hurt, she nodded. I asked her to show me where and she rubbed her left knee. I asked to confirm that it was her knee and she nodded. Another thing to talk to Moira about.

Kiko arrived shortly after ten to do a little music therapy with Janet. Emma let us use the multi purpose room across the hall and I left the two of them there to sing away. When they returned thirty minutes later I could tell Janet had fun. Kiko said Janet mostly sang in whispers and got the ABC Song up to around K then it gets a little too fast. When I asked Janet if she wanted Kiko to come back and do that again she gave a very enthusiastic nod and smile. Kiko has been doing some research on Aphasia. This article is quite useful for those of you planning to visit with Janet, in fact I would say it’s required reading.

To keep Janet busy until lunch we went for an inside drive and her left arm just keeps getting stronger and stronger. Hard for me to keep her wheelchair straight she pushes so hard now. We stopped by 4B to see who we could see and Carolyn and Kim had a nice little chat with Janet. I then plugged her in for lunch and rode up to retrieve her car and go home for a bit. Looking forward to a good afternoon of learning.

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  1. Hey Larry,

    I was pretty sure that Janet was actaully reading the captions on Gillian’s wedding photos when she looked at them. Maybe she would enjoy trying that again? Anyone else hanging out with Janet is welcome to go through the album with her. I wish I had thought to include the photo I have with Laurel & Raju. Maybe I’ll send it along to add to the book.

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