Good thing Janet is a sports fan as this morning she was sitting with the guys watching some World Cup Qualifying soccer as I arrived. She seemed pretty content, much more so than when she was with the old ladies. The nurse that got her up this morning said she got an out loud NO in response to some question I can’t remember. She got a bunch of whispers as well. Cool.

Our stretching routine went well with Janet’s left leg being a little tight but nothing serious. I wheeled her off to physio but couldn’t stay as I had arranged to take Janet’s car in for servicing and to go get my Big White ski pass. Ready for snow!

After my errands were complete I was able to stop by as Janet was finishing Speech. Connie gave a very positive report on Janet and seems genuinely please with Janet’s progress. Today she was able to count from two to five without modelling, touch her nose, eyes, hair, eye brows, chin, ears, and a few others. She had trouble with shoulder and elbow but showed a big improvement. The swallowing was around the four to six second mark and Connie is please that it is consistent with no more fifteen plus instances. She will try Janet on some pudding Monday as it is a thicker consistency and more like food. Janet is not a pudding fan but maybe the taste of chocolate will inspire her. Janet said a very audible bye and gave Connie a nice wave as we left.

After a little break in the sun window I left Janet with Nathan who is subbing for Jessica again today. He was looking for ideas so I suggested they work on hair brushing as Janet only does a couple strokes right along her left ear and also kicking with the left leg. I’d like to see more action there to try and loosen it up some.

Praying for an active afternoon.

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