Janet was wide awake and quite chatty when I returned. I asked her nurses if she slept at all and the consensus is that she is not really sleeping during the day. Lunchtime is mostly just relaxing, maybe reading a magazine or something like that but no sleep. That would explain her nodding off around 6:30 or 7:00 the last few nights.

To my surprise when I asked her what she wanted to do this afternoon she responded with “go outside”. In English, not Klingon. A little stretch and out we went. Too windy for the beach we walked around the neighborhood a bit and Janet collected a nice bouquet of colorful leaves. I chose them of course but she happily held onto them the whole time we were out. I had to coax her into driving down the long hallway again but she did fine once she started and only needed help staying straight going over The Bump.

Back at rehab it was a little too early for dinner and Janet wanted to lay down for a bit so I climbed onto the bed with her and read a chapter of Anne 2. Janet held the book with me and when I ran out to move my car I asked her to hang onto it and I’d continue reading when I got back. She hardly moved while I was gone and didn’t even turn a page. She seemed to be reading the book herself. Before we could finish, roommate #4 arrived with her entourage. They were quite loud while they moved in and I was disappointed in the staff that brought her in as they paid no attention to Janet and I at all. Not sure where they were from but glad Janet is not there. The lady who is now sharing Janet’s room is quite demanding but I guess you can be that way when you don’t have any legs.

I took Janet out to sit near the men to have dinner and we chatted for a while and once when I asked her to repeat what she said she burped. There was no reaction from her at all until I said, “you burped in my ear”, she laughed out loud. Thanks. She got tired and uncomfortable by a little after six so I put her into bed for the rest of dinner. I knelt beside her practicing speech but the more Klingon she spoke the more frustrated she got even bursting into tears at not being understood. If any of you have suggestions as to how to help with this, I’m open.

With eyes closing at 6:45 I stretched her legs out, got her dressed for bed and prayed with her then said goodnight at 7:10 and she smiled and closed her eyes. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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