One Last Time

Janet greeted me with a nice smile when I returned this afternoon and was very chatty, actually initiating conversation. Unfortunately I think she speaks Klingon now as I can’t understand one word. She is very deliberate and purposeful even knocking it back to one or two words when asked, but still Klingon. I went to find Connie to see if she could decipher or tell me how I might understand Janet better but she had a patient with her so we’ll have to wait for another time.

I got a debrief from Moira who said Janet did well standing in the sling and was “walked” around the gym twice. The way that worked was Janet was suspended in the sling with it taking ninety five percent of her weight and Rachel standing in front of her moving her legs in a walking motion with Moira operating the ceiling lift. I’ll try and get some video next time. Sounds like fun.

After a long chat I finally got Janet into the wheelchair and out into the sunshine. It was quite a bit cooler today and Janet handed me her zip up right away but we did find a spot at the beach that was worthy of fifteen minutes for our final tanning session of the year. I had to move my car again so took Janet for a ride. It was very tempting to take her to the house but she didn’t seem too interested in riding anywhere far so we turned around after a couple blocks then parked at the beach. After a quick walk around to the KGH main entrance it was Janet’s time to drive the long hallway. She was reluctant to start but once she got going she did very well and gave a good effort at “the bump”.

We sat out in the dining area for twenty minutes or so to give Janet a little taste of the busyness that goes on there. She started looking stressed and I asked her if she was tired and she gave a very demonstrative nod yes accompanied by a little crying as if it was a bad thing to be tired. She settled into bed quickly and I figured she had enough energy to video Skype her sister Leslie. Janet smiled a few times and was happy to see and hear her sister and Gavin. She gave a nice wave goodbye on cue and we look forward to seeing them again.

I tried a few chewing exercises using some fruit gummy type things that Nicole gave us. Janet chewed and swallowed well I thought but still seems to be making funny faces to taste. The lolly pop was a big hit again and her tongue got a good workout. I noticed throughout the day that Janet is licking her lips more and moving her tongue around a lot more and that is a really good thing. She had no interest in doing any talking after that and I asked her if she was tired and she gave an even more demonstrative nod yes than before. She was eyes closed before I could finish getting her ready for bed and was pretty much asleep when I left at 6:30. An early night for me and the end of a strong day for Janet.

Praying for continued healing of Janet’s right shoulder and arm and legs and for my ability to understand her talking.

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