Going Solo

Janet was showered and dressed and sitting out in the dining area this morning when I arrived. She seemed quite happy sitting with a guy and his caregiver and looking at trashy magazines. The nurse that showered her mentioned Janet had started to cry as they were heading for the shower and calmed down once the shower started. We sat at the table together till 8:40 then I told Janet it was time to get ready for Physio, she pushed her chair away from the table and off we went to stretch. Her right hand, wrist and forearm were quite tight but I got good results there then I tried raising her right arm to see how that shoulder was. I went really slow and watching for the least sign of pain from Janet. I got none but could only get to about eighty degrees that first time. Second time I got to ninety and was holding her arm as straight as it would go then there was a sudden jolt from her right shoulder that pushed her upper arm out towards me. It startled me but it felt like she deliberately did it and that’s what I asked her. She looked at me a little surprised then started crying. I think there was some pain there but the cry was more of a frustrated one as she was really trying to talk during it. I told her we would talk to Moira about it and she would help.

Janet was quite chatty this morning with a few vocalizations, unfortunately I can’t understand what she is saying but am really glad she is trying. She did repeat a lot of words I gave and laughed at a few silly ones. When we arrived at Physio, Moira said hi to Janet and Janet said hi and something else with some vocalization but neither of us could understand what it was. Moira was excited anyways. I told her about the jolting shoulder and she wondered if something was displaced yesterday and that’s what was causing the pain. She noted it seems much looser today and she’ll have a closer look during the session.

I made the difficult decision to leave Janet on her own this morning and told all the therapists my plan. Moira was going to use a sling to get Janet to stand, Connie was going to have Janet try some thickened Ginger Ale and Jessica couldn’t stop talking about her trip to Canmore so I have no idea what she has planned but I’m sure it will be good.

Looking forward to another afternoon of tanning and learning.

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