It’s always nice to be greeted with a smile and that’s exactly what I got when I walked into Janet’s room this morning. Unfortunately I managed to change that smile into a cry as her right arm was very stiff at the shoulder this morning and she was obviously in pain as soon as I got it raised to about forty five degrees. To make sure there was pain I asked her to show me where it hurt and she immediately moved her left hand over to her right shoulder. I stopped and told her we would talk to Moira about it this morning. The rest of her stretching went well and I even got a few whispers and a nice moment of prayer before we headed off to physio.

Moira and I tried getting Janet on her tummy a few different ways but she was just too sore in that right shoulder so we flipped her over and Moira put a heating pad on Janet’s shoulder for the remainder of the session in hopes that would loosen things up. Janet did well with some leg work and the chance to relax with that heating pad. Moira decided to leave the arm and shoulder alone for the rest of the day and see what it’s like tomorrow.

We were a few minutes late for Speech so Connie and Nicole were raring to go as soon as we arrived. Nicole had some dried apricot wrapped in some material and had Janet chew on it to get the taste and trigger a swallow. Both Nicole and Connie were very pleased with Janet’s performance! We tried getting Janet to whisper right after that but I think she was a little overwhelmed with the busy morning so far. Connie had her do the swallowing thing with some apple flavored goo and Janet’s scores were similar to yesterday with her taking control of the spoon for the last three attempts. Janet did very well showing fingers using Connie as a model but still isn’t getting it without the model. She did touch her nose, ears, chin, cheek and hair on command and had to be shown her eye brow, shoulder and thumb. The best part came right at the end when Connie asked her to say some M words. Janet got on a real roll and was quite audible for some. Connie seemed real excited about that.

We had a short break in the sun window then Janet drove off to OT. Nathan informed me he was going to range Janet’s arm but I told him no as it was too sore today. I’m sure Janet would have made it obvious soon enough that it was sore but shouldn’t there be some communication between departments here? What if I wasn’t there to tell him? I left Janet with Nathan and she seemed very happy to be folding towels with him. I asked Amy to put her to bed for lunch afterwards. Janet fought hard this morning and hopefully she is well rested and ready to laugh when Uncle Monkey arrives this afternoon.

Praying for healing in that right arm and shoulder and a fun afternoon.

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