Big Brother

As Nicole and I were getting Janet changed after lunch some tall dude from the east barged into her room without knocking and pretty much caught Janet with her pants down. Luckily he’s blind as a bat and when he realized he was in BC and we aren’t that rude here he disappeared. I got Janet’s shoes on and then put her into her wheelchair and we quietly headed out to see if that weirdo was still about. Sure enough he was sitting just around the corner from her room and we had a good shot at scaring him but I forgot Janet’s right foot sits over the edge of her footrest and it hit the chair beside the guy before we could try anything. Janet greeted her brother with a nice smile and almost a tear. She even leaned over to give him a kiss. I could tell she was very pleased to see Mike. As expected he generated some serious laughs from Janet including a krinkled nose that I haven’t seen since forever and some genuine belly laughs to go along with some whispers. It was really nice to see her feeling so good.

We took Mike down to the beach and the walk down there was a little shady so Janet held up her zip up as a cue for me to put it on for her. She wouldn’t let me put her right arm into it though. Apparently it’s still sore. We then went for a long walk in the sun and Mike even admitted he now understands why we moved here.

Janet enjoyed another day of tanning and the wise cracks and loudness of her “little brother” and we got back in time for a little more visiting before Mike had to leave and I had to go to the dentist.

As we left I asked Nicole to keep and eye on Janet as I thought it was too early for her to go back to bed. When I got back an hour and a half later I was pleasantly surprised to see Janet still in the dining area all plugged in and having dinner. She apparently wasn’t too happy about it though as she started crying almost as soon as I sat down beside her. I’m not sure why but am going to go with the fact the table we left her at ended up with some of the more elderly patients sitting there for dinner and Janet maybe thought she was in a LTC facility instead of rehab. She kept looking around during her cry like, “you left me sitting hear with these old people”. After a lot of reassurance and encouragement she agreed to move down to where we more often sit for the rest of dinner and to wait for a visit from Brenda.

Brenda arrived and had a nice chat with Janet and read a little of Anne 2 to her. Dinner was done about a half hour later and so was Janet. You could see her fading although she did manage to drive her wheelchair back to her room and wave goodbye to Brenda. I think the driving was more a determination to get into bed as before I even finished a quick stretch on her the eyes were closing. This is the second day in a row where I don’t think Janet slept more than an hour during the day. Glad she is busy and awake.

Praying for a restful night that brings healing to Janet’s right shoulder and arm.

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