It sure does pay to get second and third opinions on major projects. Steve from Advanced Mobility Products came by the house this afternoon and knew exactly what he was talking about and also what I was talking about. How about that? He’s so good he even came up with a third option that may actually be the best. He will make a repeat visit soon with a contractor so he can give me the low down on all three possible methods of creating access to the house for Janet. Steve is living this as well as knowing it. His wife has MS and he installed a porch lift at their house for her. Seems like the guy to work with.

Janet was wide awake when I got back around 2:30 and greeted me with a big smile. After a quick stretch we headed out into the sunshine. First stop was my car as I had left my phone in it so I put Janet in the passenger seat and we called Mary/Gaga from there. Janet had a smile on her face pretty much the whole time her mom was talking and whispered hi and bye but too soft to really be heard on the phone. It was a nice start to our outing. We walked in the sunshine long enough that when we got back it was time for me to move my car out of the two hour parking area and since Janet seemed so comfy sitting in the car earlier I decided to take her for a ride. We only went a couple hundred meters to the beach but she was noticeably entertained by riding in a car for the first time in five months. As I opened her door to start getting her out Sandrine appeared. She had seen us driving off from the two hour zone and was concerned that we were really going somewhere as she had arranged for a visit with me. She ran down to where we parked at the beach and Janet has never been so excited to see anyone since this all started. She was like a little kid with a huge smile on her face and eyes lit up like the sun. Her posture changed and everything. Very cool. The smile never left her face as we walked up to the rehab area where I left the two of them to visit. Sandrine brought Janet in to the dining area about twenty minutes later and got a very audible whisper “bye” as she left.

It was not quite dinner time so I had Janet drive around the rehab unit for a bit of exercise. Her driving ability is increasing steadily and once she gets going she no longer seems to need the constant encouragement to keep going. I elected to serve dinner in bed as Janet had been in the wheelchair quite a while and I wanted to have some Speech lessons with her during that time. I attempted the swallowing test but did a horrible job making the tea as I let it steep way too long and Janet let me know it showing a face of disgust for about ten minutes after tasting it. I did much better leading her through some imitating as she whispered a lot of M, N and P words. I was able to finally use an app I had downloaded a long time ago that shows you a picture of something that starts with the letter P and you have to say what it is. I would ask Janet what it was, wait for a response, say what it was then listen for her to repeat that word. She did very well but shocked me when she actually answered correctly for Pizza, Pencil, Popsicle and Dog (the word was Puppy). Huge high five! Connie wants her to practice saying the vowels as a way to kick start her vocal cords. Apparently you use your vocal cords to make vowel sounds but you don’t for most consonants. First up was A and Janet practically sung the letter out loud! I couldn’t get her to repeat it but wow. She got E pretty good maybe with a little voice but only whispers on the others. I asked her about another vocal exercise and she really started trying to speak to me. I couldn’t understand her at all but asked her if she wanted to stop. She gave me the most animated head nod yet. She was tired out.

We read a chapter of Anne 2 after Janet had agreed to my suggestion to do so, then I stretched her out before Kiko arrived to paint her nails and hang out for a bit. Great day!

Praying for a restful night and God’s continued blessing.

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