The Best Thanksgiving Ever

I could not wait to write this update but found it very difficult to pull myself away from Janet tonight but I finally did and before I do anything else, here goes.

When I got back from lunch she was sleeping peacefully and not even a Prince Charming kiss could wake her this time. Finally at 3:30 she stirred. I stretched her a little then got her into the wheelchair to head to the beach. The spectacular weather continues and we enjoyed some nice minutes in the sun. Because it was late we headed for the Centennial Building as I wanted Janet to conquer that long hallway, it had been a while. Apparently the break from there did her well as she set a speed record and went farther than I asked her too as well. High five! It was also her best effort at the infamous bump, clearing the front wheels without assistance and needing me only to keep her straight to get the rear wheels over. She gave a herculean effort and if I had done a better job of keeping her straight she would have made it.

Dinner was held in the dining area with Molly and Bea. They were not impressed with their mac and cheese and were a little jealous that Janet’s meal tasted as good as it always does. We tried some matching exercises while Janet dined and she did ok at it. I tried getting her to draw on various media but she wasn’t into that at all. She burst into tears at one point and calmed down five minutes later. No doubt in my mind she was frustrated at the time as she kept looking at me with a “I’m trying to tell you” look on her face. With about twenty minutes left she was getting restless and I had to really work at convincing her to stay till dinner was done. She did and I got her into bed right away and she was instantly happy.

I read Tim’s Thanksgiving Day column to her and asked her afterwards if he had made some good points. She quickly pointed to the paper with her pointing finger. I laughed and said “you just pointed”, she pointed again. This is new as it has always taken a fair bit of coaching to get her to do anything resembling pointing and it’s never been as deliberate as this. High five!

As a joke I asked her to whisper in my ear “I love you Larry”. I put my right ear to her mouth and waited. To my shock SHE WHISPERED “I LOVE YOU LARRY”. Not kidding and no I wasn’t hearing things. I thought I might be so I asked her to say some other stuff that I can’t remember right now but everything I asked her to say she did in a soft but understandable whisper. I went and got her nurse, Amy, to try it in case I was hearing things and she heard and saw Janet repeat “I love you”. I also asked her to say “Janet” with Amy there and she did. She will note it in her chart and leave a note for Connie as well. I should note that Janet is not initiating the speech but whispering what I ask her to say or answering very obvious questions like “is your name Janet?”, “what’s your favorite color”, “is your dog’s name Nash?”. One interesting question I asked her was “how long have you been able to whisper?” She said nothing, then I asked “could you whisper yesterday?” and she said “yes”. Janet and I had tears, and smiles and hugs and kisses and I did not know what to do with myself but I finally pulled myself together and gave her the bedtime stretch and had her brush her teeth then I tried to say goodnight. She was still all smiles and laughter and knew I was having trouble leaving but at about 8:10 I finally got a sense that I could go.

Still flying high and praising my Lord and Savior for everything I have been blessed with. There is nothing I am more thankful for today than His grace and Janet’s love.


  1. Best Thanksgiving Ever! Just came home from Marina and Richard’s. Blaine and Tina were there as well. Everyone will be so happy to hear this. This was a great way to end a really lovely weekend with the family. Looking forward to the next update!

  2. I think what happened today was God’s way of thanking everyone who has been working and trying so hard with Janet. Especially you Larry, a big Happy Thanksgiving Day!!! A special “Hi to Laurel, Heather, Andrew and Cam! Lots of good holiday memories with all of you!” Much love.” Annette

  3. I was reading this post out loud for Jack and now we are both sitting here bawling. We are praising God through our tears and giddy laughter.we both continue to believe that Gods miracle through Janet is one day at a time. Complete healing will come, we believe it. We celebrate with you. I have to go and speak to a group of women in a little while and I’m a mess.

  4. That’s a great Thanksgiving gift. Thank you Lord and good on you Larry. Awesome, truly awesome.

  5. Larry I am so happy for you and Janet. We have so much to be thankful for. It seemed like it was only a mater of time till she could express herself. It must be so difficult to have all those emotions inside and you can’t express them. It is all starting to come together. I am so thankful for your daily reports. Keep up the good work both of you. Take care and God bless.

  6. Praise God!!!!! Praise God!!!! Praise God!!!!!!! Felis and I are pulling ourselves together and weeping with joy and thanksgiving as we try to read this. This is the best thanksgiving!!! We thank God that Janet is able to express her love for you and we pray that this is the beginning of the great things that our great Father is up to…He is up to something very very very good brother!!!

    Love Ramona and Felis

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