Short and Sweet

A short visit for me this morning as Laurel went in early for one last visit with her mom before heading back to Cowtown. She said Janet was awake when she arrived at 7:30 and seemed sad in knowing Laurel was leaving. They had a few crying sessions which would happen regardless of Janet’s condition so no surprise there. Laurel did give Janet a stretch but didn’t want to be too rough on her and then leave.

I saw the “kids” off then headed in to find Janet doing her Sleeping Beauty impression complete with an eye opening upon my kiss to the cheek. We had a little chat to kind of get caught up then I set about to start stretching her a little. I had to rearrange the bed and some other things before I could position Janet for stretching and after I had moved her I apologized for having to shift her around so much. She started to cry I’m sure out of frustration at being in her mind, helpless. As I comforted her and reassured her she initiated a hug and some kisses that were very appreciated and made me confident she is really starting to understand her situation.

The stretching went well and I am actually quite pleased with how much range is being maintained. I laid her on her tummy for a little over twenty minutes and got a real good stretch on her left hamstring and was even able to massage her legs really well. You could feel everything loosen up quite nicely. Janet managed some left leg lifts before I flipped her back over to get her standing a little bit. That went well with Janet standing real nice and tall even for her. I couldn’t see any evidence of Janet being given her Nystatin so far today so I asked her to stick out her tongue so I could see, she did so, farther than I’ve seen ever before. Laurel’s lolly pop exercises are working! A little while later a nurse came by and I asked her about the Nystatin and she said Pharmacy won’t give her anymore as she has been on it for so long. There is still evidence of thrush on her tongue and Janet stuck her tongue out for the nurse to see as well. We will consult the Hospitalist about this and see if there is some other way of getting rid of the thrush.

Before I knew it it was lunch time for Janet so I got her in the chair and out into the dining area then plugged in for lunch and she fell asleep. There was only about thirty minutes worth of formula in the bottle so I decided to wait it out and see if she woke up, she did twenty minutes later. I asked her if she wanted to go back to bed and she nodded yes. I got her all settled in and her feed restarted then took off for my lunch. Looking forward to a longer visit this afternoon.

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