From somewhere near Chilliwack here’s Laurel’s update.

Mom’s mood seems a little lower today, with what seems to be a little agitation or something. However, I did get a few smiles and outloud laughs, particularly when remembering some funny memories with her. She was sleepy when I first arrived, but woke up fairly quickly. Had a good stretch and then she did really well when I had her sitting on the side of the bed and doing some exercises. Tried to get her to reach for one of two objects I held up, and I found it to be helpful to first draw her attention to each item being held up, as she seemed almost surprised when her attention was drawn to her right and she saw an object there. I used a lollipop to get her to stick her tongue out in various directions, and when I explained that this would help with her speech coming back she seemed quite willing to do it. We did some wheeling through the halls and stopped for a bit in the cafeteria. Tried to get her to match some of her flashcards, but she wasn’t seeming to get/do it. Spent some time with a magazine in front of a window, then returned to her room. I went through a few “mouth exercises” the speech therapist had left, which involved her using her finger to put pressure around her mouth. I again explained that this was good for her speech, and she seemed to think it was very weird but did follow what I was asking her to do. Cam arrived and is now having a good chat with her while she finishes her lunch in her room. Throughout the morning she has seemed increasingly uncomfortable in her chair, and has done a few yawns, so we have asked the nurse to get her back in bed for a rest as soon as they are able. Planning for a trip to the beach when we’re back this afternoon.

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