Update from Laurel:

Another emotional rollercoaster with Mom, but an exciting ride to be on with her. Cam got Mom settled in bed after I left and she quickly fell asleep for a well deserved nap. She appeared to be asleep when Raj and I returned a couple of hours later, but quickly opened her eyes as she heard us start to make noise. We did some more sitting exercises, and then headed to the beach. Mom seemed to perk up once we got into the sun, and again attracted an overly friendly duck. Once back inside, she was smiley when greeted by the return of Larry. He left to prepare dinner for everyone, and it was just me and Mom and the emotional rollercoaster that began. For some reason I got a little teary, which seemed to spur the waterworks from Mom. She settled down and we headed out into the dining hall for dinner, but by that time most of the patients had already ate and left and Mom didn’t seem too interested in being there, so we headed back to the room and waited for the nurse to start her feed. At one point I started talking about the wedding to Mom and went to show her some photos, and she immediately broke into tears. It seemed that this was one of the first times that she was realizing some of the things that she had missed out on…or at least her first time she was able to express her emotion about it. Of course a very difficult moment, but we are all reminding ourselves that the emotion is a sign of an increased level of awareness. Indeed, during Mom’s tears she seems very able to respond to questions and just overall extremely aware of everything. Mom calmed down and we read, watched a bit of a movie on a laptop, and waited for the night staff to put her back in bed. Unfortunately, the staff was slow to materialize, so I eventually decided I would pick her up and put her in bed myself. I could sense a little fear in Mom as I got ready to do this (I admit, very reasonable fear) but everything went smoothly and she settled back into bed nicely. Had a good stretch, listened to some music, and I had some nice peaceful time lying beside her in bed as I tried to wait for her to fall asleep. I eventually left her looking very comfy and hoping that she gets a nice and peaceful night’s sleep.

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