Emotional Roller Coaster

From Laurel

An emotional afternoon. But a good one. We returned to find Mom awake. Got her up sitting on the side of the bed for some more physio, which she seemed to do pretty well at. I even asked her to close her eyes for a few of the exercises and she did. At one point, Raj made a joke and before I started laughing myself, Mom actually laughed out loud. I don’t know when her laughing out loud first started, but it was the first time I saw it and it happened several times throughout the afternoon, for various reasons. So cool. Even involved some eye-rolling and head movement typical of Mom’s pre-incident laughs.

We spent a long time at the beach and had a good walk around the neighbourhood. Raj patiently got Mom to throw some rocks relatively far, and we were entertained by an overly friendly duck. Mom was smiling often. We returned to the ward and it was dinner time, so we had her in the dining room with the others. She was starting to look very uncomfortable and no longer smiling, so we headed back to her room about an hour later. Raj got her back into bed and for some reason she started crying, for a reason neither of us could understand. Later on, I was talking with her and telling her how much I’d missed her and she looked at me and full-on cried, sniffing and everything. It was a really sad, difficult moment, but I am also guessing that it was a great sign of her progress. And, a sign of “real” Mom, as I know she would be upset under these circumstances. So, good and bad, but probably a good thing in the longterm.

Cam stopped by during a less alert time, but he got quite a few good smiles and even a very sarcastic eyebrow raise when he told Mom he was thinking about getting a mohawk again and said “I know how much you loved it last time.” We all laughed at her and she seemed to enjoy our response, doing a second eyebrow raise even bigger.

Overall, an awesome day with Mom. Clearly, Larry and The Team have been doing an awesome job this past month!

One comment

  1. Well done Raju……I know my new son-in-law is putting his best foot forward and it seems you are as well.

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