Riding in the Car Car Car

Janet was sound asleep when I got back this afternoon and that gave me time to seek out her therapists for an update on today’s sessions.

Moira had Janet lay on her tummy for about twenty five minutes and said she tolerated it well and got good stretches out of both legs. Connie had Janet swallowing the thickened tea again and her times varied from four to eight seconds. An improvement. She also worked on matching images but not a lot of success there. Connie gave me a bunch of pictures to work with over the weekend. Janet did touch her nose then ear then chin on command sequentially. That’s big if she can do it consistently and build to more body parts. Nathan was a little unsure of himself with Janet in their OT session. He doesn’t know her and felt like she was blowing him off as getting her to do pointless silly things. I told him he was right and Janet needs a reason to do something or she is far less likely to do it. I give him points for recognizing that and he will think over the weekend of some more meaningful activities to do with Janet on Tuesday.

Janet opened her eyes a little when I was done talking to her people but I could tell she was still pretty groggy so I lay down beside her and we had a twenty minute power nap. She put her arm around me and closed her eyes and went to sleep right away and I closed mine but just kinda relaxed and waited for her to wake up. Nice moment.

After a little stretch we headed out to the beach and Janet made me laugh out loud as she put her hood up and zipped her jacket up tight as if it was the middle of winter. She looked so cute and even she had a big smile on her face. I had my car parked at the beach so I decided to see if I could get Janet into it in case I’m allowed to take her somewhere soon. It was pretty easy and she seemed pretty comfy. Not a huge reaction like I imagined but I think she knew where she was.


We tried throwing rocks again but this time all Janet would do is put the rock in her right hand. I discussed this with a few people today and all thought it was great she is aware of that hand and arm. We sat in the sun for a bit then headed in for dinner. Once again we sat with the guys and there was CFL football on and Janet was not the least bit interested so I went and got a lolly pop to see if I could get her to stick her tongue out. I wish I could have recorded this because I couldn’t believe her enthusiasm over a lolly pop. She wanted to devour the whole thing in one chomp. I can’t let it into her mouth in case she bites some off so I felt bad for her cause she really wanted it. She did get her tongue out for a few tastes with no funny faces at all. We’ll keep doing this as will Connie. I read a little of the second Anne to her as dinner wound down and she started to look uncomfortable. I asked her if she was and she nodded the biggest nod yet. I then asked her if she wanted to lay down and she nodded strong again so off to bed she went.

With Janet all relaxed in bed I decided to try some of the matching pictures with her. She was doing really well till I asked her to take the picture of the cat from me. The picture is of a cat sitting and facing you head on. No cat really sits or looks like that so I’m ok with her missing that one and told her so and reminded her we don’t like cats anyways and she smiled. Throughout this game I got lots of facial expressions from her that seem to be yeses and no’s. This is new and I’m interested to see if it continues.

After a good bedtime stretch I said goodnight to a relaxed and content seeming Janet. Praying for a restful night and an awake tomorrow with Laurel, Cam and Raj.


  1. I cannot wait to see my big sister on Wednesday!

    Cheers to Larry and all the support team!

    Thank you!


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  2. Just remembered that on Wednesday morning, while waiting to start her pt and after doing bicep curls with her left hand, I gave Janet a 1 lb weight for her right hand. If I remember correctly she held it but was a bit disqusted with the ‘wimpyness’ of it. We switched back to the 4 lb weight and she did 10 more left bicep curls.

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