Janet was wide awake, dressed and had been looking at one of Molly`s magazines when I arrived this morning. She gave me a nice smile and seemed ready for the day. As I got started on stretching her Emma came in with her meds and reported that Janet had a rough morning. Emma found her crying just after seven this morning, actual tears flowing crying not the usual welling up but a full on release of tears. She felt bad for Janet but I think it`s kinda good and speaks to a heightened awareness. I got a smaller outburst near the end of the stretching session and Janet was seriously trying hard to say something. Earlier on she was pushing down on her pants at the hip as if trying to communicate a need to be changed or something. We couldn`t see anything wrong so I carried on with the stretching. Janet is definitely trying more and more to communicate.

I let her drive part way to physio as we had some time to spare and she drove fast and very determined about half the way there then I took over. I left her with Moria who was going to have Janet lay on her tummy. I left to run some errands in trust that the porter would get Janet to Speech and OT.

One of my errands was a meeting Kiko and I had with a music therapist. We were curious to see what he could bring to the table as far as enhancing Janet`s recovery and I liked what he had to say especially the part about wanting to work with the Speach Language Pathologist to make sure they are working towards the same goals. Kiko and I agreed to leave this idea for now and approach Connie with it when Janet has been given the all clear to stay in rehab for an extended time.

My other errand was to pick Nash up from the groomer and Emma had given the all clear to bring him in to see Janet. We arrived right at noon so the dining area was full and Nash played therapy dog to at least a dozen people before we got to Janet`s room. She was just getting changed and her lunch feed started so I held Nash back for a few minutes then let him loose to jump up on the bed. There wasn`t a huge reaction from Janet and Nash was too excited about the new surroundings to pay much attention to Janet but after a few seconds there was a smile of recognition as I brought Nash closer to her.

After he settled down Janet patted him for a good fifteen minutes or more and I could tell she knew it was him and not some random dog. As long as the staff is ok I will make an effort to get Nash in to see Janet on a regular basis.

I am very grateful for the progress being made and look forward to an active afternoon.

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