When I got back to the rehab ward I was told by one of the staff Janet had slept some and was likely still sleeping. I didn`t think so and sure enough she was in a little Houdieno mode playing with the release button on the right side bed rail. She smiled right away and we hung out for a bit as it just seemed nice to chill with her. Turns out she did snooze for maybe half an hour then her room mate got shipped out to Penticton so that created enough of a disturbance to prevent further sleep. Didn`t seem to bother Janet though and she stretched out really nice before we headed to the beach.

The sun felt really nice and despite the coolness Janet seemed to like being there. I threw a rock in the water and decided to see if she would do the same. The first rock I gave her she looked at for a bit and when I suggested she throw it in the water I could see the wheels turning and then she tried putting the rock in her right hand. My heart sank immediately but at the same time I was happy for her thinking of doing that. I didn`t tell her she couldn`t use that hand, I just let her try and get the rock in there which she couldn`t really do and that gave me a chance to explain the rules of the game and she could only use her left hand and so would I. She made a few good attempts but all her shots ended about a meter away. I then asked her to pass the rock to me and held out my hands a step or two in front of her. Her first shot went off my pinky and the second was right down the middle. High five! She made more attempts to put the rock in her right hand and I refrained from saying anything other than we have to use our left hands. In some ways I think it is great she knew she should be throwing with her right hand but I wonder what`s going on in her head about that right hand and arm. She had been playing with it a number of times the last couple days. I will discuss it with Moira and others tomorrow.

I got her set up for dinner in the dining area and we sat with the guys to watch a little of the football game. When things quietened down we video Skyped Andrew. It was a little hard to hear him as there was still a fair bit of ambient noise in the room and I can`t hold the iPad up to her ear and still get a shot of her for Andrew to see. Next call will have to be from her room.

By the time dinner was done it was get ready for bedtime. Once again I got a really good stretch out of Janet and she did well brushing her teeth and swabbing with the Nystatin. No sign of her new room mate by the time I left but I was told she was on her way down from 6 West. Praying for a restful night and an awake day tomorrow.

I thought you all should know that you can get your Christmas lights at Superstore now so you better hurry as it`s only EIGHTY ONE DAYS AWAY. WTWCT

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  1. Was enjoying the days news….until you mentioned 81 days until Christmas! There is a mean streak in you isn’t there Larry! Ha.

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