I don`t know about this Ritalin stuff. Janet is too awake now. Kidding.

She was wide awake when I arrived and Blake told me she had been up since around seven, had a shower and Jessica was in to help her get dressed etc. Jessica said that Janet helped a lot with those getting ready for the day activities. Nothing new to me but I`m glad the pros are getting to see it all first hand. Janet stretched out really well this morning, not sure if it`s the Ritalin or the fact she had been up showering etc. I`ll take it either way.

Moira pretty much insisted Janet try the tilt table this morning as she feels it is a better back and hamstring stretch than the standing frame. I relented and am glad I did. I wasn`t going to stay but felt I had to see how this would go. The table Moira has is way better than the one on 4B and Janet handled the experience very well. She was up at 75 degrees for a good twenty five minutes and was able to do some arm stretches and play toss the bean bag and even hit a balloon to me a few times. All things she refused to do from the standing frame. It was fun hitting a balloon to her and having her hit it back, I didn`t really think she would do it.

From Physio it was straight over to see Connie for Speech. I thought I would stay to see how the swallowing went and Janet did better overall, with an average still in the six to eight second range but she seemed to tolerate the taste better and was more consistent in her swallowing speeds. Connie had her try to match objects with pictures and Janet got the cup right but wanted to play with the pen more than try and figure out where it goes. I really think Janet`s vision is hampering her performance with tests like this. All the therapists are aware of the vision challenges and I`m hoping Dr. McCann will come up with some strategy soon. Apparently the brain is very capable of correcting things like this so it may just be a matter of time. Moira and I tried covering Janet`s eyes one at a time to see if that improved her aim with the bean bags but there was no noticeable difference. Connie and I tried things with and without glasses and again no big change. On a positive note Connie asked Janet to show her one finger, she did, two, yes, three, yes, four, yes, five, yes. Repeat without Connie modeling it, no. Still good though. On a more positive note, Janet very clearly nodded her head yes to a question Connie asked her. It was still a very slight movement but we both saw it and I`m glad Connie did.

I had Janet drive back to her room for the short break before OT and we sat in the `sun window`for ten minutes. Janet showed no signs of slowing down so off to see Jessica we went. This session I did manage to stay away from and Jessica reported that Janet did very well reaching for items and placing them where Jessica asked her too. They also spent time working on Janet`s right arm. Nate helped out today as he will be Jessica on Friday and Tuesday as she is hanging out in Canmore for the long weekend.

Janet still wasn`t showing any signs of slowing down so I got her set up in the dining area for lunch. We sat with ninety year old Molly who kindly went to her room and got Janet some magazines as she sensed my boredom with the edition of O that Emma read with Janet yesterday. I got a few more head nods for yes and one shake for no while we read and chatted over lunch and Janet showed no signs of sleepiness. Lunch finally ended at two and I got Janet into bed telling her to have a nap but I`m not convinced she will and if she does it will likely prevent us from enjoying some outside time. We`ll see when I get back.

Thankful for Janet starting to answer questions and for the more relaxed muscles she seems to have today. Praying for an active afternoon.

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