Let`s start with a summary of the morning with Nancy. Physio went well with Moira working on Janet`s right arm and also getting her to do sitting and balancing exercises. Rob joined in again at one point to assist with some reaching. Janet stayed awake the whole time and it seemed like a good session. Next up was Speech and Connie gave Janet more swallowing tests which Nancy reports were around the five to eight second mark. Nancy didn`t feel it appropriate to stay for the whole session but reports that Janet stayed awake and Connie seemed pleased with Janet`s performance. After a tanning session and a five minute nap in the “sun window“it was time for OT. Jessica was very pleased with Janet this morning saying she seemed much more alert and responsive, following lots of commands and completing tasks today that she didn`t complete yesterday. Nice. Janet stayed awake the entire time which means she was awake from 8:45 to noon minus a five minute nap. Janet fooled everyone by staying up and having lunch in the dining area and finally going to bed around two. Wow.

I arrived at 2:15 to find Janet in bed but very awake looking so I started making plans to go outside. I talked to Blake and she told me Janet had just gone to bed so I waited to see if she would nod off and sure enough in about fifteen minutes she was closing her eyes. For the first time I noticed her fighting sleep. Usually once those eye lids closed she was out, this afternoon she would close them then twenty seconds later open them, lift her head, smile, chill for a minute or two then close the eyes again. She fell truly asleep by 2:45 and stayed that way till after four. Kinda screwed up my plans for the afternoon but I did get to have a farewell chat with Nancy. I attribute this extended awakeness and the fighting of sleep to Dr. McCann starting Janet on Ritalin. He hopes to kick start some brain activity and so far I`d say it has. For Janet to be that bright and active that long is impressive. She gets a dose in the morning and another at noon. It should where off by late afternoon which seemed about right today. This one caught me by surprise a little but then I remembered a Hospitalist trying a steroid on Janet quite a while ago and it really seemed to get her onto the next level then so I will have to trust that these doctors know what they are doing.

When Janet finally woke up it was too late to go outside after stretching so we hung out in the dining area and I started her dinner and we chatted. During the stretch and then again during dinner Janet had one of her emotional outbursts with the one in her room accompanied by an attempt to talk. I told Blake and it seems like we are all just waiting to hear Janet`s voice. As six o`clock approached I realized I had to move my car or risk a parking ticket so I explained that to Janet and asked if that was alright. She nodded her head yes. Or at least maybe she did. It was quite subtle but she did it a few times so I`m saying yes and told Blake and asked her to watch for it next time she`s talking with her. Another point for Ritalin maybe.

Kiko dropped by for a visit for the latter part of the dinner feed. She said Janet responded much more abruptly and differently to music since she was last with her. Another point for Ritalin maybe.

After the best stretch in over a week I said goodnight to Janet who was looking pretty relaxed and tired. She has the same busy schedule like she had today and hopefully can build on today`s performance. We sort of met her new roommate but so far she`s no Linda. We`ll give her time though. I cancelled plans to bring Nash in based on the fact he was not having a good day. He should be fine tomorrow and we`ll see about setting up a meeting.

In regards to visits, now that we know what Janet`s days will be like I think it best we set the following hours. Monday to Friday, 3:30 to 8:00, weekends and holidays, 10:30 to 8:00. I feel, and the therapists feel, that it is best to try and create as normal a day as possible for Janet. That means out of bed when awake, busy days and restful nights. She still needs lots of sleep so eight o`clock quiet time is good, she will have her nighttime feed around then followed by lights out. Seems to be working so far. Please do text me prior to any planned visit in case there have been changes to Janet`s schedule and I will try and update the calendar posted on the blog as much as I can so you can all see where there are any gaps in her day that you could fill.

Praying for a restful night and for continued healing of Janet`s right arm and her legs as well as her ability to communicate.

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