Frosty but Warm

We woke up to frost on the rooftops this morning and a spectacularly bright day. Janet was nice and warm though and looking too comfy sleeping in bed when I arrived. She had been dressed and her nurse, Blake, said she was awake when they came in the morning. I starting getting her going at 8:45 and she stretched out and woke up nicely. Nancy came in shortly after nine and Janet heard her long before she saw her and turned her head to try and see. More purposeful movement. Nancy and I took Janet down to physio and I left Nancy in charge for the rest of the morning. I warned Janet to stay awake and work hard as it was going to be a busy morning and I feel confident she would give it a good try.

We said so long to Janet’s roommate, Linda, this morning as she has been discharged to stay with family in Kelowna for a few weeks and then carry on to her sister’s in England before heading home to Cape Town. She has been a true blessing to have around these first few days and we sent her off with an assortment of Sandrine’s macaron. Thanks Sandrine! I have to also give a shout out to the Social Worker, Marlene, as she worked hard for Linda and appears to have gotten her upgraded on her flights to England and South Africa to first class. That means Linda will be able to completely lay down in a bed for the flights instead of trying to sit with her broken pelvis. Nicely done.

Praying for some fun in the sun this afternoon.

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