Kind of a dull morning here in Kelowna. Windy and cloudy and I think Janet was feeling it. I arrived at 8:30, which was really hard for me to do, she was sleeping still so I guess I didn’t miss anything. She was dressed and fed so I waited till 8:45 before waking her and getting her ready for physio.

In the workout room I gave Janet some free weights again and she did bicep curls with 3, 4 and 5 pound weights. Moira wanted to use the tilt table this morning but I talked her out of it so she stood Janet up using the Standing Frame. I didn’t see any of it but Moira told me after that Janet stood nice and straight for twenty minutes, feet flat and legs mostly straight. She tried getting Janet to bat at a balloon while standing but Janet wasn’t going to let go of the frame to play a silly game. All in all it was a decent session.

I had gone to get my haircut while Janet was at physio and when I returned she was asleep in her chair in the dining area. Moira thought Janet had Speech at 10:30 but that’s tomorrow. I sat with Janet until she woke up which was about 11:10 then got her ready for OT. Jessica has decided there is no benefit to be had from wearing a splint anymore so Janet’s right arm will be free from now on. She will get a contraption that will help relax her palm better than the rolled up facecloth we are using now. Jessica will also assess Janet’s sleeping position and says there are special pillows that can be used to prevent her from curling up too much. She tried some hair and teeth brushing with Janet but no real success there. There was some good purposeful movement from Janet when they were playing with bean bags and stuff. A decent OT session.

Janet still seemed a little out of it after OT so I put her to bed with her lunch feed started and headed home. Connie will get her for their Speech session at 2:30 and Nancy will visit at 3:30. I will return at 5 for the dinner feed and goodnight stretch etc.

Praying for a brighter afternoon.

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