The sun came out this afternoon and Janet responded accordingly. Still not at her brightest but much better than this morning.

Connie did her Speech session in Janet’s room with her. Not sure how it went but there was a cup of thickened Summer Berry tea on the bedside table so we know a swallowing was attempted.

Nancy arrived at 3:30 to find Janet snoozing but by a little after four they were off to the beach and for a walk around the area. Janet drove her wheelchair for part of that walk and when I arrived at five had just opened a present from Nancy as they sat in the “sun window” of Janet’s room. Janet seemed relaxed and awake so we took her out to the dining area to have her dinner. She was not quite as interested in what was going on around her as she has been. Maybe she’s getting used to it or maybe the company she had with her were just too much fun. We called Mary/Gaga during this time and Janet listened and looked at the phone occasionally but again she wasn’t as engaged as previous calls. She later grabbed my phone off the table when I wasn’t looking and started examining it. A good example of purposeful movement. There were also a couple of moments where Janet got a little emotional. Not sure if it was pain or a heightened awareness. There was no attempt to speak this time but once she came very close to all out crying. Somehow I think that would be a good thing if it happened.

After dinner it was time to get ready for bed. I took my time tonight to ensure Janet got a good stretch and I’m happy with the results. Janet did a good job brushing her teeth tonight and made it easy for me to leave with some nice smiles and kisses.

Thank you Nancy for the very enjoyable dinner tonight. You are a good friend and I know Janet enjoys having you around.

Tomorrow morning is going to be interesting as Janet has all her therapy sessions pretty much one right after the other. Nancy will be guiding her to all of them and assisting when possible. I look forward to hearing how it all goes and pray that Janet stays awake for all of them.

Praying for a restful night and immediate healing of Janet’s right arm and her legs.

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