Looking Good

When I got back to take Janet to Speech she was wide awake and looking good. I told her so and in true Janet style she turned her head away from me and made mouth movements that clearly indicated she was saying “no I don’t”. She was smiling when she said it so I’m confident it wasn’t a depressed lack of confidence reaction just more her usual embarrassed response to receiving a compliment. She smiled even bigger when I called her on it.

I stretched her a little and off we went to see Connie. First up was the cranberry flavored goo and Janet did not like it at all. She took about twenty seconds to swallow it. We tried it again and she got a teeny bit down in about ten seconds. Connie had thickened some Summer Berry herbal tea and we tried that. A better reaction and slightly faster swallow. Connie put some honey in the tea and although Janet didn’t take very much of it she did swallow the fastest of the session but still greater than five seconds. We are wondering if the thrush on her tongue affects her taste sensation negatively. Question for the doc. The rest of the session was spent doing a variety of things, blowing bubbles, drawing circles, matching playing cards and pointing to pictures. Janet seemed bored after the bubble blowing and didn’t do very well with any of the other things. This is my last time attending Speech with Janet as I want her try working without an audience.

As we headed outside Nancy messaged her arrival and she joined us for a walk to the beach and around the neighborhood. She then shared stories and pictures from her daughter’s wedding last month with Janet resting in bed and having her dinner. Janet smiled lots and laughed at a picture of Nancy’s husband Jim, but who doesn’t. Hi Jim. Janet was able to point to Nancy’s daughter Gillian in a group photo. Something to tell Connie. Brenda visited with Janet tonight as well and started the next Anne book with her. Brenda arrived with Nancy in the room and Janet was all smiles and enjoying the attention she was getting. If this was happening a few weeks ago I think it would have bothered her more than anything. Thanks for being there for Janet you guys, today was further proof she is benefiting from your visits.

After getting Janet ready for bed I headed out into the 7pm darkness leaving her with congratulations on a good day and a bit of a warning that tomorrow will be just as busy. Praying for a restful night, healing in her legs and right arm and restoration of her ability to talk.

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  1. I had a nice visit with Janet and Larry today. I haven’t had a face to face visit since they returned to Kelowna in early June. It was great to see so much progress for Janet and that Larry doesn’t look completely exhausted. Larry nailed it that Janet gave me quite the smile and giggly look over a joke about Jim and her exchanging hugs and kisses. I got a specific kiss on my cheek to take back to Jim. Tomorrow I’ll be taking Janet for a walk…weather cooperating…on the same route we took today. The beach near the hospital is nice. The afternoon sun peeked out a few times while we were there today. Janet has a very nice roommate, Linda, who told me she saw positive change in Janet in just the 5 days since they met. It was a good day and I expect tomorrow and Wednesday to bring more good stuff.

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