Busy Busy

You can sure tell it’s Monday. The rehab unit was buzzing with people moving about all morning long. Janet was sort of awake when I came in but took till about 8:30 to really come to. We did some mouth care and chatted then I started stretching her in preparation for her physio appointment. The stretch went well and the physio appointment went even better. She was awake the whole time which really helps. I gave her the two pound weight again while we waited and she did a set of ten curls that seemed way too easy so I tried the three pounder on her, no problem, at four pounds I could see she was making an effort so we didn’t go for five. Next time. I left the room after Moira met Janet and was ready to start. I figured it is best Janet has this time to focus on the task at hand and not worry about an audience. I came back with fifteen minutes left in the session and there was another physio, Rob, working with Moira and an assistant. They were getting Janet to stand more on her own than ever before. Her left arm was on a table so she could support herself that way, Rob had her hips and Moira her back. You could tell Janet was really working to stay up and everyone was please with her performance.

That physio session took a lot out of her and Janet had a nice thirty minute nap afterwards. I kept her in her wheelchair out in the dining area as I knew this would not be a long nap. When she woke up we went to her room and got her splint and headed over to OT with her driving. Jessica is Janet’s OT now and since this was day one with her it was just a familiarization session focusing on Janet’s right arm. Jessica will have a chat with Dr. McCann tomorrow about Botoxing that right arm and will talk to the splint guy about reshaping or making a knew one for Janet as the current model is no longer effective. Future sessions will be on personal care, dressing, wheelchair operation and Jessica is now involved in the potential move home.

I got Janet into bed after OT with instructions to have a good sleep and be ready for Speech at 2:30. Praying for an awake afternoon.

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