Tiny Bubbles

Mom and I arrived at eight to find Janet happily sitting in her wheelchair out in the dining area. She gave us a big smile when she saw us and we sat out there for about an hour with her. Emma gave her meds to her table side and she seemed to really enjoy looking around at all the goings on. Apparently she was awake a little after seven and helped get herself dressed and didn’t mind getting into the chair to go out that early.

As things quieted down around nine we took Janet for a drive around KGH. There is a card I can borrow to operate the elevator that gets us out of the rehab area with the wheelchair and into the regular parts of the hospital. Janet drove down to the cafeteria and I took over after that.

Back in her room around ten I was looking forward to seeing how well she would stretch out and I was pleasantly surprised. The right arm took quite bit of gentle work to get going but it ended up just fine as did the legs. I got another strong attempt to say something during stretching again, this time with no sign of any pain. Quite a big smile and a little frustration. Speech is just bubbling under the surface and I think is going to burst out anytime now. Thanks for your continued prayers on this.

After the stretch it was time for a little Speech Language Therapy. Connie had tried to get Janet to blow through her mouth and didn’t get much of a result. I got an attempt from Janet with Laurel’s pin wheel but you have to hit that at just the right angle to get it to spin. I got a toy whistle and some bubbles from the dollar store to try and Janet blew the whistle right away. Unfortunately it is a dollar store piece of crap and hardly whistles so after that first attempt she wasn’t interested. She took to the bubble blowing much better as you can see in this video clip. My apologies for the Tiny Tim track but it is just too funny to pass up.

I dropped mom off in Peachland for her ride home with Maureen and Shannon. Thanks for the visit mom! And thanks again for the goodies Mo!

Praying for an active afternoon in the sun.


  1. Wow! This is like night and day, isn’t it. Sitting in that other room all that time… I hope the powers that be at the hospital realize the difference this move has made. It’s almost like Janet was waiting for this. Larry I can’t imagine how you must be feeling. JF

  2. Awesome video of Janet blowing bubbles. Thanks for doing these snippets of Janet’s progress for us..it keeps us spurred on pray diligently.

    Jack and Heidi

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