Royal Wave

After a nice sunny drive to Peachland and back I arrived to find Janet sound asleep. Emma says she nodded off around 11:15 and I noticed her starting to stir around 2:30 so I helped her wake up by climbing onto the bed with her. She always thinks this is funny. Not sure how to take that but I got her woken up at least. My reason for helping her get going is Monday’s Speech appointment is at 2:30 so I don’t want her in the habit of sleeping all afternoon.

We did a little stretching then went outside in the sun to video Skype her sister Leslie. Janet smiled a couple times and definitely knew it was her sister as when Leslie said goodbye, with no prompting from me at all, Janet waved goodbye to her. It was quite an emotional moment and further proof Janet is gaining more awareness everyday.

The beach was gorgeous today and we sat there for a good half hour with Janet at one point trying to lift her shirt a little as she was getting warm. A nice lady brought her Golden Retriever over to say hi after she went for a swim. Janet seemed pleased to pet the dog, more so than with previous dogs. I talked to Emma after our walk and she would love to see me bring Nash in to visit Janet. That is technically against the rules but Emma is working Wednesday and thinks the staff on with her then are cool enough to allow an attempt. We will see how the day shapes up and maybe give it a go. We left the beach and walked south on Abbott to stay in the sun as long as possible. When we returned Janet was still looking pretty alert so I parked her in the dining area and went got her feed pump and started her dinner for her out with everyone else. We sat near one of the TV’s and she was trying to watch for a while but was more interested in the people moving about the place. After an hour or so it was time to head to her room so the nurses could get her changed and dressed for bed. We had a little chat after that, prayed and said goodnight with lots of smiles, an arm around my shoulders and kisses.

I am very grateful for the amazing care and attention Janet has been shown these first few days in rehab. There could not have been a better nurse for this time than Emma nor could there have been a better roommate than Linda. God is definitely looking after us huge.

Praying for a bright and alert Janet tomorrow at all her appointments and for restoration of her ability to talk.

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