Sleep is Good for You

Mom and I arrived to find Janet about to fly into her wheelchair this morning. Emma had decided to get her up to join the others for breakfast. She was cleaned and dressed and looking pretty awake. Mom and I took her out to a table in the dining area and for about forty five minutes Janet sat looking around and listening to all the activity. She seemed happy to be taking it all in and showed no signs of nodding off. I was a little concerned about not having stretched her first but she seemed quite comfy and I think the stimulus of being in that busy environment was better than stretching at that time. Emma said Janet slept well last night and she noticed an increased level of brightness this morning. I did too.

Since Janet wasn’t fading rapidly we let her take us on a tour of the rehab unit with her driving most of the way around. We finally got around to getting Janet back to bed for a stretch and I was pleased with the results. I was quite worried about all that last night but things went much much better this morning. Emma helped get Janet’s socks on earlier and said she helped with the left foot, no surprise, and she also helped with the right. Big surprise! She described it as Janet making an attempt, she couldn’t actually move the leg but Emma sensed an effort being made and the leg started shaking. Huge. Another huge event this morning came as I was stretching Janet’s right arm. I had it high and straight up, holding it for a minute or so. It was really relaxed and seemed good then I let it down slowly and Janet started getting a pained look on her face. The look escalated to a full on cry (no tears, but watery eyes) and I really thought I hurt her. I asked her to show me where it hurt and all she would do is reach out for my shoulder or the top of her head. I sensed a real strong attempt to say something. By far the strongest one yet and she almost got a sound out. Mom and I both feel there may have been some initial discomfort in that right shoulder but the rest of the emotion was frustration, perhaps a realization as to what was going on and maybe that she can’t talk. She was like that for about ten minutes and as she calmed, initiated a hug and a kiss for me. I told Emma and she will make sure it’s noted in the chart.

We went out for another inside stroll but Janet nodded off for fifteen minutes in the TV area, golf was on so no surprise there. When she woke we did a little more driving then some more stretching before starting her lunch feed and heading home for ours.

Very thankful for the good nights sleep Janet had and the increased awareness she showed this morning. Praying for an active afternoon.

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