Janet was sound asleep when mom and I returned this afternoon and she stayed that way till 3:10. Her sleep mode is pretty peaceful therefore I believe there is healing going on. After she woke and we got her changed she stretched out pretty good. I tried the same move with her right arm that I got that reaction from this morning and got no reaction at all which leads me to believe it was just a coincidence this morning and her display of emotion was more an attempt to talk and realizing she couldn’t than a response to any pain.

Janet drove her wheelchair from her room to the outside door and we headed for the beach. It was breezy so we didn’t stay long but had a nice stroll along Abbott St. where we showed mom some of the nice lake front homes. Back inside Janet made it all the way down the Centennial Building hallway and gave a strong effort at getting over that nasty bump but was put out of her rhythm by a passing stretcher so didn’t quite get there. Her goal today was to make it to the Royal Building elevators but about ten meters away she stopped and looked at her left hand a couple times, I figured something was bugging her so high five for the effort and back to her room we went.

Mom took Janet’s sneakers off while I got her bed ready and when I turned around Janet had crossed her left leg completely over her right leg above the knee.

This is a new move and an impressive one considering how darn stiff she was on Friday. She did not seem to be in real pain and was not in a hurry to get into bed so that makes the move even more cool. We did get her into bed and I stretched her out nicely before we headed off to church. Upon our return around 7:20 she had been fed and was sound asleep so I said a quick goodnight and look forward to seeing her in the morning.

Feeling very blessed to be part of an outstanding faith community at Trinity and praying for healing of Janet’s legs and right arm and restoration of her ability to talk.

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