Slow Start

Janet was awake when I arrived this morning but only because she was getting dressed as she went right back to sleep as soon as her nurse was done. I woke her at 8:40 as I needed to get her stretched and ready for physio at 9:30. Her right arm loosened up nicely but I had difficulty with both legs probably because she is curling them up to sleep. The report overnight is that she was quite restless and of course we don’t know why. It could be the new environment or discomfort with her legs or hips, not sure. Not cool.

I got her down to physio to meet with Moira her therapist. We had to wait a little while as things were behind schedule so I had Janet wheel around the rehab centre a little. She fell asleep five minutes into that but woke up as Moria was about ready for her. I handed Janet a one pound dumbbell while we were waiting and all she did was look at it. I handed her a two pounder and she started doing bicep curls right away. Today was an exploratory session so Moira could see for herself where Janet is at and where we can realistically try and get her to. She was impressed with Janet’s sitting ability and despite the sleepiness you could see where Janet will be cooperative and try to participate. She was in and out of sleep the whole hour we were with Moira but I think it was a reasonable start and if we can get Janet to sleep well at night she will perform well for Moira. None of the exercises today were anything new to Janet and she seemed comfortable in the environment. Maybe too comfortable and that’s why she was sleeping?

From physio we went directly to see Connie at Speech Therapy. Janet was sound asleep by this time so Connie agreed to see her at 2:30 this afternoon in hopes that Janet is awake. Connie plans on trying to get Janet to answer yes or no in some way and will test and work on the swallowing ability as well. I think Janet will do well in Speech provided she is awake.

I got Janet into bed and right away she rolled onto her right side, tucked her legs up a little and went to sleep. Meeting with the nursing staff at 1:45 then it’s off to Speech to for take two.

Weekends will be open for visitors as will evenings, still unsure of weekdays. The team will meet with Dr. McCann Monday or Tuesday to work out a plan. Praying for a bright afternoon.

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