Let the Fun Begin

Today started with a sleepy Janet until about 9:15. Her nurses said she was up pretty early and they had her dressed and ready to go but she was out like a light when I walked in. Sean from Physio dropped by as he was playing the role of Tom today. I suggested he try again around eleven. Once Janet was awake we started stretching. Her legs were bent a lot this morning and it seemed as though I’d never get them straight, same thing with her right arm but things actually loosened up quite well. I spent a long time stretching her then sat her up to do some standing as it was after eleven and there was no sign of Sean. As soon as Janet did one stand up Sean came in. By this time we had been told the move to rehab would happen today and that was good news to Sean. In light of that he elected to let me keep doing my thing with Janet as the move would be a big enough event for her today. He did talk to her for a while and worked her right shoulder a little bit. Janet did not like that at all but still touched her nose when Sean asked her to and gave him the first completely unassisted and on command wave goodbye that I’ve seen. He even got a few smiles too. Big high five! Sean was very impressed with Janet’s progress especially her sitting ability and response to commands. Huge improvement since he last worked with her.

I negotiated a deal with the nurses that allowed me to ride home for a quick break after packing Janet up, with them promising not to move Janet till I got back. The deal was honored but just barely as they called as I was arriving at the parking lot to say Janet was all ready to go. The porter had arrived in the room seconds before me and with that it was so long to 4B.

Janet has a roommate in rehab, her name is Linda, she is a little older than Janet and seems very nice. Her son and his two little kids came in around six tonight and Janet smiled when she saw and heard them. It would be cool if they are regular visitors. Janet’s nurse, Emma, had me brief her on the latest Janet medical info and explained a little of how things work in rehab from a nursing perspective. No major changes. Emma is the RN today and tomorrow and there are two LPN’s working with her. I had no trouble getting help when I needed it tonight. They had heard that I have been doing a lot of Janet’s care and that is actually part of the program in rehab. As most patients are on their way home they want the family as involved as possible. Emma was impressed I knew how to feed Janet and take care of the Nystatin etc. She was especially impressed with the bowl of candy she referred to as “nurse bait”.

Before our usual walk to the beach I had Janet drive around the rehab centre to familiarize herself. It’s not that new to her really but it’s a different perspective when you are living there. She seemed a little wide eyed and nervous about it but did a good job of driving. We went down to the beach then for a walk. I had her little zip up on to start as the wind is cool but fifteen minutes in and she was motioning to take it off so she could tan her arms a little more. She seemed a little uncomfortable in the wheelchair and I couldn’t figure out why but then I remembered she had been in it since 1:20 and it was now approaching five. That’s a long time so back to the room we went and she was pretty happy to be there as she undid her seat belt the second I parked her chair.

I let her rest for a little bit then gave her a stretch and she held her legs out nice and straight for a good forty five minutes after but was getting a little squirmy after that. I promised her that question number one for the Physiotherapist will be how can we fix the pain in that leg. She seemed good with that and as I said goodnight she gave some nice kisses and smiles and seemed just fine being in her new room and understanding the opportunity that lies ahead. I have a really good feeling about the care she will receive there and look forward to seeing her in the morning.

Janet’s new room.

As far as visits go, I don’t have details of Janet’s schedule yet but have been told she will be up way more than she was on 4B. She definitely has physio at 9:30 tomorrow and Speech at 11. Not sure about the afternoon but it looks like there could be another physio session. I would ask potential visitors to hold back for a bit until I have a clearer picture of her routine. I expect weekends to be free of therapy sessions so Team Save Janet can go full speed then as well as in the evenings.

When appropriate you can find Janet in room 110 of the rehab ward. Enter from the west end of the KGH complex. There is a large entrance labelled Rehab Centre. Ignore that and use the smaller entrance to the right labelled Rehab Unit. Turn right, walk through the dining area and Janet is first room on the right. Please text me before you head over.

Thanking Jesus for this opportunity for Janet and for her apparent understanding of what she is facing. Praying for a big sleep tonight and an alert tomorrow.

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