Houdieno had been hard at it while I was away. She was crammed in beside the right bed rail with no blankets on and snoring away. Didn’t think you could snore lying almost on your tummy but you can.

Janet woke up a few minutes later just before Chantelle came in as I had asked her to look at the splint. She thinks it may be time for a refit as there is no where near the swelling in Janet’s hand that there used to be and she has some deviation in her wrist. Chantelle recommended leaving the splint off tonight and she will consult the splint makers tomorrow. While Chantelle was in the room, Nicole from speech therapy arrived. She had visited Janet while I was away and had done some Oral Motor Interventions with her and wanted to show me so I could help. Janet was awake when Nicole was there and did really well for her. The exercises are pretty basic and meant to stimulate and trigger very bottom line responses. I explained that Janet is swallowing, coughing, brushing her teeth, swabbing with Nystatin, making a circle shape with her mouth, smiling and kissing. Nicole had no idea Janet was capable of those things so I asked Janet for a kiss and got a nice smile and a full pucker kiss. Nicole was pleased and seems really excited to work with Janet. I also had Janet demonstrate her tooth brushing technique. She did well at that but not as well as she can partly I think because who brushes their teeth at three o’clock in the afternoon? Based on what Nicole saw she is going to bring this tool up for Janet that is supposed to allow Janet to simulate the full range of actions needed for eating. Sounds like fun and exactly what Janet needs to be working on now. We talked a little about talking and Nicole was pleased I had been encouraging Janet to open her mouth and say aaa. Nicole tried and with a little prompting got Janet to open her mouth and appear to try and say something. Rehab is going to be fun.

After a little stretch it was time to call Mary/Gaga before heading out for some sunshine. Whenever we call someone I put the phone on speaker and hold it up to Janet’s left ear for the call. A couple times she’s shown an interest in holding the phone and this time she grabbed for it as soon as I told her it was her mom. I let her take it and she put it right up to her ear and held it there the entire ten minutes Mary/Gaga was talking. When goodbye was said she moved the phone in front of her and looked at the screen then handed the phone to me. Wow.


Off we went to the beach and Janet drove most of the way there. In fact I had a hard time getting her to stop driving today. She was very strong and determined. We saw Carrie, Roger and their kids at the beach and had a really nice chat with them. Roger got the first smile from Janet then Carrie got one a few minutes later. Made me smile real big inside.

Janet gave the Centennial Building hallway a really strong effort today and got the two front wheels of her wheelchair over that crazy bump before I had to help with the back two. That’s as far as she had to go today but she kept on going right to the elevator. High five!

Back I the room I got on the bed beside her and read the last chapter of Anne. It wasn’t as sad as I was expecting, in fact Janet was kind of laughing as I finished. At me I’m sure, not the book. Anyone have suggestions for the next book to read with her? It’s going to be hard to beat that one.

As I left for the night Janet seemed a little restless and uncomfortable but I’m sure would soon be asleep. She had another awesome day.

Praying for a restful and healing night and another day of firsts tomorrow.

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  1. The Anne series continues Larry! Anne goes to college, becomes a teacher, etc. fun stuff in the classroom with her students! Anne’s not much older than some of them…I have the other books if you’re interested. ~B

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